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Have we written to you asking if your property is empty?

Please complete the following questionnaire to help us understand if the property is in fact empty.

You might be asking yourself how we have identified your property. It has been supplied to us from the Council Tax register. Sometime a change of circumstance has not been reported, such as moving in after the property was empty for a short time due to refurbishment. In this case property may still be incorrectly listed as empty. You will still be paying your Council Tax but after 2 years you will find that a premium rate of 200% will become payable.

By completing the form below you will be both notifying the Empty Homes team and Council Tax department of any change in circumstances.

Empty property questionnaire

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Privacy statement

The purpose for collecting the information is the identification of empty properties and helping to bring them back into habitable use. As part of that purpose, information collected may be shared with the Council, including with Council Tax, but not with other organisations. All personal information held by Cornwall Council is held safely in a secure environment. Any personal information you provide will be held for 2 years.

If you have concerns regarding the processing of the information please contact the Empty Homes Team.

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