Report empty and unused properties

Empty properties are a wasted resource that could be used for much needed homes. They can be an eyesore or cause other problems.

If you have concerns about a property, please complete the form below

Please supply:

  • your contact details
  • an accurate address plus information about particular problems
  • photographs of the empty property showing its condition

Please upload photographs when completing the report. You can also email them to us when you receive our acknowledgement and reference number. Photographs will aid efficient case processing and also help us avoid unnecessary travel.  There may be genuine reasons why a property appears empty but it is not appropriate to pursue.
For example:

  • the property is a second/holiday home
  • the owner/s live elsewhere for care
  • inheritance issues

We look at empty properties which have the most potential to provide homes. We will engage with and help owners of all empty properties. We will focus on properties in the main towns/villages. Properties in outlying areas may not progressed unless there are overriding factors.

Report an empty home

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Privacy statement 

The purpose of collecting the information is to identify empty properties and bring them back into use. The information collected may be shared with the other council departments, including Council Tax. We will not share it with other organisations. All personal information held by Cornwall Council is in a secure environment. Any personal information will be held for 2 years.

If you have concerns about the processing of the information please contact us.

Read the full Privacy Policy.

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