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Where the money comes from

To fund our budget we receive income from many sources.

This includes:

  • Central Government grants
  • business rates
  • income from fees and charges on services that we provide

The remainder of the budget is the amount of Council Tax we collect.

Our gross expenditure is: £1,408.724m

A pie chart showing where the money comes from for Cornwall Council


  • Other income (grants, fees and charges): £699.767m
  • Central Government funding: £90.238m
  • Business rates: £247.232m
  • Council tax requirement: £371.487m

Council Tax for Band D property is £1,802.79

This is calculated by dividing the amount required by the tax base (the tax base is the estimated number of Band D equivalent properties. These have been adjusted for some non-collection). The tax base is 206,062.26

Compare these figures with 2022-23 in our Council tax leaflet

View the Council Tax leaflet 2023-24

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