Disputes about charges for an unoccupied property

Disputes about charges for an unoccupied property

Disputes can be avoided if we are kept informed about all changes.

Sometimes a landlord receives a bill for an unoccupied period and disputes the charge, as the tenant may have continued to live in the property. If this happens, we need evidence of the tenant’s occupation.

The sort of information we would ask for to review the decision is:

  • A copy of the tenancy agreement, if we haven’t already got it
  • The tenants forwarding address, previous address and contact details, if known
  • Proof of the rent received
  • Bond details taken under the government's deposit scheme
  • Any proof of ID for the tenant that may have been taken when renting the property
  • References you took for the tenant

If there is a dispute, we will not usually cancel unoccupied charges unless the evidence we ask for is provided.

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