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Social media policy

Social media channels give Cornwall Council the opportunity to engage directly with residents in a more instant, meaningful and targeted way. We link to our latest news stories and share partner information to ensure residents are kept up to date with what’s happening in Cornwall.

The online world is no different to the offline world when it comes to the diversity of people and the views they hold. That is why it’s vital that we respect each other’s opinions and refrain from using defamatory, racist, abusive, violent, obscene or otherwise disrespectful language.

To keep our social media channels “social” and welcoming to all, we reserve the right to block or ban a user, either temporarily or permanently.

Our corporate channels are monitored, and we will delete any comments that are offensive or abusive in nature, identify an individual or contain expletives, or which are otherwise inappropriate in our view. If an individual behaves in this manner, they will be blocked.

Moderating content in social media

Given the plethora of social media channels and threads, we cannot seek to moderate all conversations on social media which mention Cornwall Council.

We currently seek to answer all valid questions that are directly messaged to the Council via social media within 24 hours, unless some other mechanism applies to the question such as asking a public question at a formal Member meeting.

We will actively seek to moderate content posted by communications specialists, to ensure that it does not contravene our rules, including as set out in these procedures.

We do not respond to comments that do not have a valid question or are negative in nature.

We will ban a user when they are abusive, offensive or insult a Councillor, member of staff or another user on more than one occasion, or after the first occasion if we deem it appropriate having regard to our obligations and the nature of what has been posted.

We do not accept “trolling”, comments designed to spread hate or subjects that have nothing to do with the original post.

Sharing / retweeting

While we often retweet or share post of partner organisations. We do not share /retweet lost or found posts or posts for individual businesses.

Respecting the views of others

We will respect the views of others but where those views contravene our rules,

including these procedures, we will remove their posts and block them.

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