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Cornwall Council Brand

Our brand is about much more than just a logo. It keeps all our communications consistent. It tells everyone who we are and why we’re here. It helps residents identify us and our services. It’s important we all take good care of it.

Cornwall Council provides a broad range of services to more than 550,000 people across Cornwall, dealing with everything from abandoned vehicles to schools, fire and rescue, adult social care, statutory and regulatory programmes.

As a publicly funded and democratically accountable organisation, it is essential that our residents know where and how we spend the council tax they pay us.

People outside the Council form their impression of us in a range of ways, some more obvious than others. All contribute to external awareness of our brand and what we do.

However, many people do not realise the breadth and scope of the services that Cornwall Council is responsible for. A consistent and strong brand presence is one way to let people know who is providing these services. By promoting a unified and professional image of the authority, we are also giving people a very positive message about how we do business and what we are like as an employer.

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