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Becoming a childminder

Childminder banner showing an image of a childminder reading with three children and another image of a childminder walking through a park with two children. The text reads, 'Give all children the best start in life - work as a childminder in Cornwall'

Are you passionate about working with children and want to make a difference in their lives? Becoming a childminder could be the perfect career choice for you. As a childminder, you can work in your own home at times that suit you. You can train on the job and follow your passions while sharing them with the children. You could provide a nurturing place for all children, create memorable and fun times for them, and help them learn and develop as they play.

What’s involved? Childminders offer professional home-away-from-home childcare. They look after small groups of children of different ages. They work closely with parents and carers to provide bespoke care. Childminders usually work in their own home. They can also apply to spend up to 50% of their time offering childcare from places such as: nurseries, church halls, classrooms or other parts of a school

Some childminders may offer wraparound childcare. This means looking after children of all ages before and after school. It can also mean looking after them during the school holidays.


Childminding allows people to be their own boss. Childminders are usually self-employed and run their own business. Many go on to expand their business and employ childminding assistants so they can care for more children at once.


Being a childminder is not only rewarding and fun, but it also offers flexibility. You can build your own business, set your own terms, and choose where to spend each day. They can learn with you at the park, on the beach or in the woods.

Being a childminder could be for you if:

  • you’ve got young children at home and you don’t want to return to office based employment, or
  • you’ve worked in a school or nursery in the past
  • you're looking after your grandchildren and would be happy to look after a few more children too

Anyone with an interest in early years education can register, and you can train while you work.

You could also get grants of £600 or £1,200 to help you set up. (The amount is dependant on whether you register with Ofsted or a childminder agency to help you get started.) So why not find out how to join the supportive network of childminders in Cornwall. Start your journey towards a rewarding career in early years and childcare?

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