Report a problem with a street light or illuminated sign

If you need to report something that is causing an immediate danger or is an emergency please call 0300 1234 222.

Report a problem with one of the following;

  • streetlight
  • illuminated sign
  • set of permanent traffic signals
  • other electrical highway infrastructure

Please remember to include the town, street and the reference number, where possible:

  • For streetlights and illuminated signs, the reference numbers usually consist of one letter and three numbers, for example A100. The number will be yellow on a black background found on the column, wall bracket or plexo box.
  • Reference numbers for vehicle activated signs (VAS) and variable message signs (VMS) will be a black sticker with yellow text on the supporting post, for example VMS101.

Report an issue with a highways electrical item

Timescale for repairs

We pass all reports of faulty equipment received before 4pm to our repair contractor on the same working day.

Upon receiving the fault, our contractor has:

  • 5 calendar days to repair a normal streetlight or illuminated sign fault
  • 12 hours to repair a normal traffic signal or electronic sign (VAS/VMS/RTPI) fault. 12 hours from when contractor receives the fault, for example 8am the next working day if received after 4pm
  • To attend on site within 2 hours for emergency repairs, such as exposed wiring, column knockdown, traffic signal power failure
  • To attend on site within 24 hours where there is a greater risk of danger, but it is not an emergency. For example, streetlights on pedestrian crossings, busy road junctions or flights of steps

We work with Western Power Distribution (WPD) to rectify any underground defects. Underground cable faults may take longer to locate and repair.

WPD aim to repair:

  • defects of three streetlights or more with 20 working days.
  • Single street lighting faults they will look to repair within 25 working days.

Sometimes the repair requires the electricity to be switched off to neighbouring properties. If this is the case, you will be contacted 7 days beforehand. For commercial customers this is 14 days.

Street lighting operational policy

In 2009 we introduced a lighting system which allows us to dim streetlights at specific times. This is risk based on the road category and is currently in operation.

In July 2022 we began an LED upgrade project which allow ultra-dimming and switch-off of lights. 

We will soon begin part-night switch-off of highway lighting in some areas. This will help meet the Council's ambition to become Carbon Neutral by 2030. It will also reduce light pollution. For the benefits of reduced light pollution, please see Light Pollution - Buglife.

We will engage with Community Link Officers, T&P Councils and emergency services as we prepare to switch-off specific areas. We are currently in the review stage and hope to see some lights switched off before Summer 2023.

Street Lighting Operational Policy (January 2023)

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