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Bridges and structures

We are responsible of over 1500 bridges that support the highway. We inspect them to ensure they are safe for the public to use. 

Report an issue with a bridge or structure

If the defect is a threat to public safety please telephone 0300 1234 222 (24 hour service) giving details of the location. 

Railway bridges are the responsibility of Network Rail.

Retaining walls

We are also responsible for over 1200 retaining walls. 

Retaining walls that support the highway are, in the majority, maintained by us. In some instances they are in private ownership:

  • where they have built to create a more level site for development or to afford more usable space.   
  • where they support property next to the highway.
  • where constructed as accommodation works for the adjoining land owner.

When private walls become dangerous the council has a common law right to intervene and take action.

Report an issue with a retaining wall

To report a retaining wall or bridge causing an immediate safety hazard please telephone 0300 1234 222 (24 hour service). Please include details of the location.

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