Salt Bins

We do not have a statutory duty to provide salt bins but we appreciate they can be useful in certain areas. There are currently 488 salt bins across Cornwall that we are aware of. These are managed by town and parish councils. In agreement with local town and parish councils, we fill them once at the start of each winter.

Due to the risks of the public trying to use salt (also known as "grit"). Salt bins will only be at locations off the main precautionary salting route.

If you are aware of a damaged or otherwise unusable salt bin or would like to request a new salt bin, please contact your local town or parish council.  The provision of any new bin, by will be at the discretion of that council, as it will have to pay all costs. The new location must not impact road safety so the location must be agreed by the highways team.

For more information about our winter service please visit our Gritting and Winter Maintenance page.

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