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Salt Bins

There are approximately 500 salt bins across Cornwall.

They are located in areas not already on one of the 25 precautionary salting routes that are routinely and proactively treated during icy winter weather.

The salt bins are sited and maintained by Cornwall Highways at the request of the relevant town or parish council who also meet the cost of providing and refilling each salt bin.

Cornwall Council meets the cost of filling up these salt bins once before the start of the winter season.

After that, the relevant town or parish council can request that the salt bins are refilled at their expense.

Requests for a new salt bin should be made to Cornwall Highways in the first instance by emailing

Cornwall Highways will assess each request and ask the following -

  • Is the requested bin on one of our 25 precautionary salting routes?
  • Is it safe to place the bin at the location requested?
  • Is the local Town or Parish Council prepared to fund the bin?

If the requested salt bin is not on route that is already salted, will be sited at a safe location, and agreement is reached with the local town or parish council that they will fund the cost of providing the bin and refilling it with salt, then Cornwall Council will provide it.

Requests for additional salt bins are reviewed annually.

To report a damaged or unusable bin, please contact

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