Discounted fares

Multiple Journey Tickets

These include Season Tickets or Day Rover Tickets.  They are good options if you plan to travel frequently and could work out cheaper than buying separate single or return fares. You can buy these from your travel operator.


Some Operators now offer the option to buy tickets through Mobile Apps. These can be single or multiple tickets for certain journeys and can work out cheaper than buying these separately. Instead of a physical ticket your mobile phone/app acts as the ticket. Check with your travel operator if they offer this.

English National Concessionary Travel Scheme

If you are of pensionable age or meet certain categories of disability you may be entitled to an English Concessionary Travel Pass. You can check your eligibility and apply.

Scheme Discounts

Some operators provided discounted travel for certain groups of passengers when traveling on their services.  For example the Young Person’s Railcard. You may need to pay an upfront fee to join the scheme. But if you use the services regularly it could be that the membership will be covered by the savings at the end of the eligibility.

Devon and Cornwall Railcard

These are available to residents of Cornwall, Devon and the Isles of Scilly, who are over 16. This gives a third off train fares within the two counties for £12 every 12 months. Up to 4 children (5-15) can also travel for a flat fare of £1 each (£2 for a Day Ranger).  Find out more information about the Devon and Cornwall Railcard, including an application form and full details of discounts.

Discounted Travel for Younger Travellers

Operators may offer discounted travel for young travellers. Some allowing under 5s to travel free with an accompanied adult. Please check with the individual travel operator.

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