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Celtic Heritage – Cornwall-Wales Collaboration Agreement

First Minister of Wales and Cornwall Council Leader standing together

Cornwall Council and the Welsh Government signed an agreement on 17 July 2023. Reflecting our shared culture, this is the Celtic Heritage – Cornwall-Wales Collaboration Agreement.

This strategic alliance formalises our many historical, cultural and linguistic ties. Cornwall and Wales have similar economies and demographics, providing shared opportunities and challenges. Cornwall and Wales have worked together in many areas over the years. We have learnt from each other and shared best practice. The Agreement provides a framework for strengthening this relationship. It encourages further cooperation and understanding in areas of mutual benefit.

Celtic Heritage Cornwall and Wales Collaboration Agreement Action Plan (English)

Celtic Heritage Cornwall Wales Collaboration Agreement Action Plan (Cornish)

Celtic Heritage Cornwall Wales Collaboration Agreement Action Plan (Welsh)

There are four key areas with significant opportunity to grow our relationship: 

  • Sustainable housing provision
  • Achieving net zero
  • Thriving rural economies
  • Celebrating culture and language

Welsh Government officials and Cornwall Council officers will meet quarterly. They will share information and best practice on the topics above, and write an Annual Report. Meetings will be online, so there is no financial impact for Cornwall’s taxpayers.

Cllr Taylor said: “Cornwall has a proud Celtic heritage. We have so many cultural links to Wales that it seemed clear to me that strengthening our ties would be of huge benefit for us both.

“I was delighted to find that the First Minister shared my enthusiasm for this. We have been able to come to an agreement to formalise this relationship.  Key areas for both Cornwall and Wales are: 

  • affordable and sustainable housing
  • the need to achieve net-zero
  • ways of growing thriving rural economies

To be able to share our knowledge with each other is good news for us all. It is also great for us from a cultural perspective too. I know we can learn from the way the Welsh language has been successfully grown in recent years. I am looking forward to sharing the ways in which we both celebrate our rich and ancient culture. This is good news for Cornwall and for Wales, and I am delighted we have taken this real step forward.”

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