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Historic Cornish-Welsh collaboration agreement is signed

A new and historic agreement to strengthen ties between Cornwall and Wales has been signed by Cornwall Council Leader Cllr Linda Taylor and the First Minister of Wales, the Rt Hon Mark Drakeford MS.

It will see representatives of Cornwall Council and the Welsh Government meeting at least four times a year to share best practice and to develop solutions to areas of mutual challenge.

This high-level agreement includes sustainable housing provision, achieving net zero, thriving rural economies and celebrating culture and language as key areas of co-operation.

Cllr Taylor first met with Mr Drakeford in February last year to discuss developing the relationship between the two Celtic ‘nations’, acknowledging the many areas of common interest shared between them.

Now a formal arrangement, the ‘Celtic Heritage – Cornwall-Wales Collaboration Agreement’ has been signed to strengthen the bonds already in place. Future meetings will be held virtually to minimise the financial and carbon impact of the arrangement.

Cllr Taylor said: “Cornwall has a proud Celtic heritage, and we have so many cultural links to Wales that it seemed clear to me that strengthening our ties would be of huge benefit for us both.

“I was delighted to find that the First Minister shared my enthusiasm for this, and we have been able to come to an agreement to formalise this relationship.

“Affordable and sustainable housing, the need to achieve net-zero and ways of growing thriving rural economies are key areas for both Cornwall and Wales, and to be able to share our knowledge with each other is good news for us all.

“It is also great for us from a cultural perspective too. I know we can learn from the way the Welsh language has been successfully grown in recent years, and I am looking forward to sharing the ways in which we both celebrate our rich and ancient culture.

“This is good news for Cornwall and for Wales, and I am delighted we have taken this real step forward.”

First Minister Mark Drakeford said: “We share many historical, cultural and linguistic ties with Cornwall, and our economies, landscape and our people have many shared characteristics. These commonalities enable us to learn from each other in areas which affect our populations, especially in the areas of focus in today’s agreement.

“I look forward to working more closely together, building on our strong relationship, sharing best practice and exploring other areas we can work together on in the future.”

Sinys yw akord kesoberi istorek Kernewek - Kembrek

Akord nowydh hag istorek dhe grefhe kolmow ynter Kernow ha Kembra re beu sinys gans Ledyer Konsel Kernow, Konseler Linda Taylor, ha Kynsa Menyster Kembra, an Pur Wordhi Mark Drakeford ES.

Gweles a wra eseli Konsel Kernow ha'n Governans Kembrek ow metya pedergweyth dhe'n lyha pub bledhen dhe gevrenna praktis an gwella ha dhe dhisplegya digolmow dhe vateryow a jalenj keslesek.

An akord a ugh-nivel ma a gomprehend provians anedhyans sostenadow, kollenwel ylyn-mann, erbysiedhow powek ow floryshya ha kevewya gonisogeth ha yeth avel materyow posek a gesoberyans.

Konseler Taylor a vetyas gans Mr Drakeford rag kynsa prys mis Hwevrer hevleni dhe dhadhla displegya keskowethyans ynter an dhew genedhel keltek, owth aswon an lies mater keslesek yntredha.

Lemmyn akord formel, an 'Ertach Keltek - Akord Kesoberyans Kernow-Kembra' re beu sinys dhe grefhe an kolmow usi ena seulabrys.

Kuntellesow a vydh synsys yn hwowir dhe lehe strekys arghansek ha karbon a'n akord.

Yn medh Konseler Taylor: "Kernow a's teves ertach keltek stout, ha ni'gan beus niver mar vras a gevrennow gonisogethel dhe Gembra, apert o dhymm bos meur dhe les dhyn agan dew krefhe agan kolmow.

"Pes da en dhe dhyski may hwrug an Kynsa Menyster kevrenna ow than y'n golon rag hemma, ha ni re dheuth dhe akord dhe formalysa an keskowethyans ma.

"Anedhyans affordyadow ha sostenadow, an edhom dhe gollenwul ylyn-mann ha fordhow dhe devi erbysiedhow powek ow floryshya yw materyow posek rag ha Kernow ha Kembra, ha kevrenna agan aswonvos an eyl hy ben yw nowodhow da ragon ni oll.

"Marthys yw ragon dhyworth golokva wonisogethel ynwedh.

My a wor may hyllyn dyski dhyworth fatel re beu an yeth Kembrek tevys yn sewen dres an bledhynnyow a-dhiwedhes, ha my a vir yn-rag dhe gevrenna an fordhow may hwren ni keskevewya agan henwonisogeth rych.

"Hemm yw nowodhow da rag Kernow ha rag Kembra, ha pes da ov may hwrussyn kemeres an kamm war-rag gwir ma."

Yn medh Kynsa Menyster Mark Drakeford: "Ni a gevren lies kolm istorek, gonisogethel ha yethel gans Kernow, ha'gan erbysiedhow, tiredhow ha'gan pobel a'n jeves lies gnas gevrennys.

An kevrenansow ma a wra agan gallosegi dhe dhyski an eyl hy ben yn materyow hag a doch agan poblansow, yn arbennik an materyow fog y'n akord hedhyw.

"My a vir yn-rag dhe gesoberi moy yn ogas, drehevel war agan keskowethyans krev, kevrenna praktis an gwella ha hwithra materyow erel may hyllyn kesoberi warnedha yn termyn a dheu."

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