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Unreasonable Customer Behaviour Policy

Our aim is to be open, fair and transparent. We will always deal with complaints or requests for information impartially.

Our Customer Service Promise makes a commitment that we will:

  • be open and honest about our priorities, policies and performance
  • explain why decisions have been made, so you understand the reasons for them
  • deal with your feedback, say sorry if we get it wrong and aim to put things right
  • treat you with fairness, courtesy and respect

We try our best to deliver a great service and welcome feedback. We do not normally limit the contact people have with us. However, in a small minority of cases, customers behave unreasonably. This can make it very difficult for us to deal with their concerns. We have to consider whether a customer’s actions are having an impact on our ability to do our work and to provide a service to others.

Examples of unreasonable behaviour could include where a customer:

  • abuses or threatens staff or other people
  • pursues a personal grudge
  • makes unfounded accusations
  • makes multiple requests that are very similar, or is unreasonably persistent

When this happens we have a duty to take appropriate steps to limit the customer’s contact with the Council. 

Unreasonable customer behaviour policy

Zero tolerance

Cornwall Council will not accept or tolerate any violence or aggression towards its employees. Any such act/behaviour will result in appropriate action or sanctions.

For certain people that use our services, individual risk assessments will be undertaken if necessary.

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