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The open electoral register

We keep two registers:

  • the full register, sometimes referred to as the electoral register
  • the open register, sometimes referred to as the edited register

Anyone can buy the open register and use it for any purpose.

You can choose to "opt out" so that your name and address are excluded from the open register. Removing your details from the open register does not affect your right to vote.

Remove my details from the open register

Please note: This is not anonymous registration. For more information on anonymous registration, please visit our anonymous Electoral Registration page.

Buy the open register

You can buy a copy of the open register (sometimes known as the edited register) and use it for business purposes.

The open register contains the details of electors who have not opted out. 

The cost of the open register is based on the format required and the number of records.

The cost is set out in legislation and is the same across the United Kingdom. The fees for sale of the open register are:

  • Data format - £20 plus £1.50 per 1,000 entries (or remaining part of 1,000 entries) in it
  • Printed format - £10 plus £5 per 1,000 entries (or remaining part of 1,000 entries) in it

To ask about buying any part of the open register, please email details of the parish, town or area you need to

Viewing the register

The current register is only available for public inspection during office hours at County Hall in Truro.

Inspection of the register will be supervised by our Electoral Services staff. You can only make hand written notes from the register.

To make an appointment to view the register, please:

Please be aware that we may not be able to offer appointments during the busy weeks before a major election.

Historical registers

After a new register is published, the old register is not available for public inspection for 10 years..

The Cornwall Council archive centre Kresen Kernow holds some historical electoral registers. Please check if they have the registers you want before making a visit.

The British Library also holds historical electoral registers.

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