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Help with Live Chat

You can use our live chat to ask questions about:

  • Benefits and support
  • Blue Badge Disabled Parking Permits
  • Council Tax
  • Homechoice
  • Parking
  • Planning and Building Control
  • Roads, Highways and Pavements
  • Rubbish, Recycling and Waste

The chat is available on their content pages. Find the links to their pages below, after the instructions.

Select the option by clicking on the symbol at the bottom of the screen. .

Step by step directions to use live chat

  1. Click on the icon in on the bottom of the screen
    Text 'Lets Chat!' with image of a message icon
  2. Select the subject you wish to ask a question about

    image showing the chat window and the category selections
  3.  You can scroll through the subjects using the left and right arrows, or type your own question
    image showing the categories within live chat
  4. Select a subject by clicking on it
  5. If your question isn't answered you can choose to chat to an advisor
    Image showing how to chat to an advisor within live chat

Benefits and SupportBlue Badge Disabled Parking Permits

Go to the 'My Council Tax bill' page

Homechoice pagesParking pages

Planning and Building Control

Rubbish, Recycling and waste pages

Roads, highways and pavements pages

We will be adding new services to the live chat function as soon as possible.

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