Admissions for an Area Resource Base (ARB) or special school place

Admissions for an Area Resource Base (ARB) or special school place is different. We do it via an education, health and care (EHC) statutory assessment. Or through information from an annual review meeting.

The Statutory Special Educational Needs Panel make the decision about allocation of these places.

Key points about special school and ARB admissions

Information from annual review meetings need to include clear evidence about:

  • current provision
  • pupil progress and
  • any available parental preference for school placement

Any change of provision will be considered at the Statutory Special Educational Needs Panel. For example, from mainstream to ARB. There will be extra panel meetings at certain times of the year. This is to manage the increased number of applications. For example, before secondary transfer.

  • Information about children in the early years who may need a specialist placement is collated by professionals. These professionals will work with the children and their families. They share it with the Statutory SEN Service.
  • Occasionally a child or young person with very complex needs may be placed in a special school or ARB before an EHC assessment. For example, when a family move into Cornwall from abroad. This is an assessment placement and is also agreed by Statutory Special Educational Needs Panel.

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