2: Considerations

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Changing school is a significant step.  You should think carefully before submitting your application.

Your reasons

  • If you are thinking of requesting a change of school for your child because of concerns about: 
    • their attendance; or
    • their behaviour; or
    • bullying

you may find it helpful to talk to the Education Welfare Service before submitting an application to change schools. 

  • We strongly recommend that you talk to someone at your child’s current school about your reasons for considering a change. It might be that any issues could be addressed without having to change schools.


  • Your entitlement to home to school transport might change depending on where you are applying.
  • Your entitlement might change even if you are not changing your address.
  • Information on transport can be found on the Home to School Transport pages.

Secondary-age students

  • Your child might not be able to continue studying the same subjects/option choices.
  • Their existing coursework might not be applicable to a different examining body.

Designated areas

  • Cornwall Council has divided Cornwall into areas called ‘designated areas’. You might also hear them called ‘catchment’ areas.  These are each served by a specific school or schools.  
  • Your designated school may not be the one nearest to your home address.
  • Some schools include living in the designated area as a priority in their oversubscription criteria. This is the criteria they will use to decide who should have a place.
  • Entitlement to transport to all schools will be decided by Cornwall Council based on whether or not:
    • your address is in the schools’ designated area; or
    • it is your nearest school.
  • If you want to identify the designated school or schools for your address:

Home address

  • A child can only have one address which will be used in relation to
    • admission to school; and
    • transport entitlement.
  • The address should be the one where the child spends most of their time.
  • We may also need to ask you for evidence that the address you are applying from is your main residence.  Evidence you provide could be, for example:
    • a copy of a recent Council Tax bill showing your name and the home address; or
    • a copy of your driving licence; or
    • a utility bill (gas, electricity, water) showing both your name and home address.
  • If there is a disagreement between parents/carers about the home address:
    • you should sort this out before applying;
    • you may need to get legal advice;
    • the Council or the admission authority will decide which address to use if you cannot agree.

When parents/carers disagree about changing schools

  • you should sort out any disagreement before applying;
  • only one application can be processed for each child;
  • we can only offer one school place.  

If the following happens:

  • someone with parental responsibility applies for a place.  Another person with parental responsibility tells us they do not agree; or
  • more than one parent/carer submits an application;

we will either:

  • carry on processing the application or one of the applications; or
  • tell you we cannot process your application/s until you reach an agreement or get a court order.  You may need to reapply later.

When we decide what to do we will take into account the following:

  • your child’s home address;
  • the living arrangements;
  • your child’s view;
  • other relevant factors;
  • what is considered to be in your child’s best interests.

Fraudulent applications

  • If you use false or misleading information on your application to gain advantage in the admission process, such as using a false address, we might:
    • start an investigation which could lead to criminal proceedings;
    • ask you to provide evidence to help with an investigation;
    • share your information to help with preventing and detecting fraud;
    • withdraw the offer of a school place.
  • You must tell us immediately if your circumstances change.

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