1: When to apply

You can only apply up to eight school weeks ahead of the date you need the place.  If you are a Service Family it is twelve weeks.   

Applications received earlier than this will not be processed.  You will need to complete a new application form at the appropriate time.

If you are not living in Cornwall yet or you are moving house in Cornwall:  

You will need to be able to provide evidence of your new address when you apply.  Only the forms of evidence listed below can be accepted.

Please note that a temporary address is not a barrier to changing schools. 

Buying a new home, including a new build

  • A solicitor’s letter confirming exchange of contracts; and
  • if a new build: evidence that the child will be living there before the expected school start date. For example, a letter from a developer confirming a build completion date. Documents evidencing the ownership or purchase of a plot of land will not be accepted.

Renting a property

  • A signed rental agreement, with the period of tenancy extending beyond the date of the expected school start date.

Returning to an owned property

  • Evidence of ownership of the property, for example, the current financial year’s council tax bill or recent utility bills; and
  • evidence that the property is available to move into, for example, a signed rental agreement showing the date of the end of tenancy.

House exchange

  • A copy of the new tenancy agreement, signed; and
  • a letter from the housing authority confirming the date for the exchange.

Moving to live with a friend or family

  • Written confirmation from the person the family are going to be residing with; or
  • evidence to prove that the family is resident at that address, for example a driver’s licence or a bank statement.

Temporary housing

  • A supporting statement from a housing officer; or
  • please contact us to discuss evidence.  
  • The temporary address must be the family's only address.

Service Families

  • An official letter declaring a relocation date and evidence of a future home address, unit address or quartering address.

Applications from outside the United Kingdom

  • It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to check that their children have a right to study at a school.  Parents/carers should check that:
    • they have the right of abode; or
    • the conditions of their visa means they can attend a state-funded school.

More information can be found on the Government's web site, Check if you need a UK visa

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