Elective home education

Parents / carers have a duty to ensure that their children receive a suitable full time education. This can be either by regular attendance at school or otherwise.

The law allows parents / carers to educate their children at home instead of sending them to school, if they fulfil certain conditions.

Parents / guardians must inform the school in writing of their decision to home educate their child.  The school should then follow the Elective Home Education (EHE) Inter-Agency Protocol.  The child should be removed from school roll. A copy of the letter with the completed Elective Home Education Form should be sent to the Local Authority. 

Guidance for parents and carers considering home schooling

The government has created a guide for parents and carers who may be considering home schooling.  This is due to an increased demand for information.

Elective Home Education (EHE) requires parents to take full responsibility for their child’s education.  This includes all associated costs (such as exam fees).

All you need to know about home schooling and Elective Home Education

Juvenile Employment

Students who are Electively Home Educated are governed by the same laws, with regard to child employment, as any other child. No child of statutory school age is permitted to work, regardless of how they are being educated, unless they have been issued with a work permit by the Local Authority. This also applies to children who may be working part time in the family business or with a self-employed parent, in which case the parent is also classed as the employer of the child. If a child works without a permit, he or she may not be covered by an employer’s insurance. The employer can be prosecuted for the illegal employment of children as can parents if this is considered appropriate. If they are found guilty, heavy fines and court costs can follow.

There are restrictions on the type of employment that is permitted for a juvenile and on the number of hours they can work (please see juvenile employment page of Cornwall Council website for further guidance). It should be noted that although Electively Home Educated children do not have to comply with conventional school hours, it is within the spirit of the law that they do comply to the restrictions around working hours for Juveniles. This means they should not be employed during school time and only work two hours on any school day.

These regulations apply to all children from the age of 13 years to the point at which they are no longer of compulsory school age. This date is set as being the last Friday in June in the school year in which they reach the age of 16.

All information on how to apply for work permit can be found on Cornwall Council Website.

( www.cornwall.gov.uk/education-and-learning/schools-and-colleges/education-welfare/employment-of-school-age-children/ )


Work Experience

Parents should be aware that the exemptions relating to child employment legislation to enable young people to undertake work experience only apply with respect to work experience arranged by a governing body or local authority.  Consequently, there is currently no option for EHE families to arrange work experience opportunities that would be lawful where such activities are in conflict with the legislation restricting child employment.

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