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Why learn with us?

Learning for everyone

We are like a college dedicated for adults – but with 17 small centres in the community rather than big sites – making us local to you.

We offer a broad range of learning open to everyone.

We also make a special effort to offer a second chance in education for those who may not have been able to reach their potential the first time around.

Ofsted have told us, most recently in 2018, that we are a Good provider. More importantly, our learners have told us too.

View our testimonials

English, Helston

“… gaining confidence and self-esteem. I feel that I can achieve more learning of qualifications in the future.” 

Art, Craft and Media, Wadebridge

“Building my confidence to use my machine and making my own curtains.” 

Maths, Falmouth

“It's helped me to be more confident on my maths…. if it wasn't for this course I wouldn’t be on the tills at Primark.” 

Access to Higher Education: Health and Social Care, Newquay

“It has given me an excellent start to furthering my career prospects and achieving a great job.” 

Languages, Liskeard

“I love languages so it has enhanced my desire to learn Spanish even more - very motivating.” 

ICT, Camborne

“Learning more about a subject I enjoy. Improving my skills and enhancing job opportunities. Good for other aspects of life too, feels good.” 

Counselling, Bodmin

“My tutor, she is kind, patient and very understanding of everyone in the group’s different needs, the course gives you an amazing confidence boost and teaches you to look at life issues in a totally different, manageable way.” 

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