Household bulky waste collection - summary terms and conditions

We recommend that you read our full terms and conditions before placing your order.

A summary of our terms and conditions which highlights the main points you need to be aware of can be found below.

We would strongly advise you to read this before placing your collection order. It explains:

  • what you need to do in advance of your collection day
  • how you must present your items
  • what to do if you need to change or cancel your order and when this must be done by
  • when we can and cannot issue a refund

Collection day

  • Only the day of the week that household bulky waste collections operate in your area is advised during the booking process. Your actual date of collection will depend on:
    • when your order is placed
    • the processing time for your chosen method of payment
    • when the order is received by our contractor
  • Our contractor, will attempt to contact you by telephone to confirm the actual date of your collection beforehand.
  • If for any reason they are unable to contact you, please leave your waste out on the day advised during the booking process by 7.00 am.  It must be left at the boundary of your property/or the collection point specified on your order  
  • You may contact us on 0300 1234 141 if:
    • you do not hear from our contractor within the expected timescale
    • you are concerned there has been a problem receiving or processing your order.

Assisted collections from inside a property (eligible households only)

Collections are normally made from outside, as close to your property boundary as possible. We do not offer a removals service from inside properties.  We can only provide assistance to collect from inside properties if you can confirm no one living in the household is able to move the items to the boundary due to:

  • a mobility issue, or
  • a disability, or
  • a medical condition

You will then be asked a series of questions to confirm that there is no known risk of infection of COVID-19 to our collection contractor's staff.  If any of the responses to these questions change before your collection is made, you must notify us as soon as possible on 0300 1234 141. This is so that your collection can be postponed until the relevant isolation period has passed. 

Items for collection

  • Items placed out for collection remain your responsibility until collected by the Contractor.  
  • Items must be placed outside for collection at the boundary of your property, as close as possible to your normal household rubbish collection point. They must not be left anywhere that obstructs the highway, pavement or poses a risk to others. 
  • You do not have to be at home when our contractor collects your items from outside but they must be accessible.
  • Our contractor will not enter your home or associated buildings to collect items. (Unless by prior arrangement where the customer is eligible for an assisted collection). 
  • This service is for domestic bulky waste only.  We do not collect from commercial or business premises. 
  • Only the item type(s) and quantity stated on your order will be collected.  Our Contractor will not collect additional/alternative items to those stated on your order.
  • Please bear in mind the following requirements when preparing your bulky waste items for collection.  If our contractor is unable to collect for any of these reasons, they will not return at a later date and you will not be eligible for a refund:
    • your bulky waste items must be ready for immediate collection before our contractor arrives. They must be accessible and easy to collect from wherever they have been left.
    • you will need to ensure there is enough room for items to be carried along the route from the collection point to the collection vehicle easily. If items are too large to fit through gates, down paths/passageways, please dismantle/disassemble as our contractor will not do this for you
    • in addition to the above, if you have requested an assisted collection, based on eligibility, from inside a property, if your items will not fit through doorways, hallways or down stairways, please dismantle/disassemble as our contractor will not do this for you
    • corner sofas, bedframes, etc, must be dismantled/disassembled 
    • electrical appliances must be disconnected from the electrical supply
    • washing machines, dishwashers, etc, must be drained of water. They must also be disconnected from the water and electrical supplies
    • cupboards, wardrobes, drawers, etc, must be emptied of contents and no longer fixed to walls
    • carpets/rugs must be folded or rolled
    • domestic fridges, freezers, etc, must be defrosted, emptied of food, drink or other perishable items. The doors should be closed to prevent children or animals becoming trapped inside

Order amendments and cancellations

  • If you wish to amend or add items to your order, you may only do so by ringing us on 0300 1234 141 up until 6pm on the last working day before your collection day.
  • There may be a charge for adding or changing items on your order depending on which pricing category they fall under.  For example standard item, additional standard item, small special item, large special item. Any additional charge that may be due must be received by the above time before we can amend your order with our contractor.
  • If you wish to cancel your order, you may only do so by ringing us on 0300 1234 141 up until 6pm on the last working day before your collection day.  We must receive your cancellation request by this time for you to be eligible for a refund.  

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