Play areas

We would like to remind parents/carers that allowing children to use any play area is done at their own risk. Do not enter if anyone in your household is showing cold-like symptoms, or are self-isolating. Please help us minimise transmission of the virus. You can do this by following the instructions on signs and on the Environment Covid Information page.

Reporting an issue

The majority of children's play areas are managed by local organisations rather than Cornwall Council. Signs on site will usually identify the owner or provide contact information.

Our Environment Service manages 128 children's equipped play areas. These are regularly inspected. If you wish to report an issue with one that you think belongs to Cornwall Council, please email

Where immediate repairs are possible, they are put in place quickly. Sometimes it is necessary to temporarily fence off areas. This is until a more permanent solution can be delivered. In some cases, a piece of play equipment or other feature will have reached the end of its usable life and has to be removed.

We will invest in improving or renovating children's play areas. This is in accordance with clear priorities and standards. These are set out in the local Open Space Strategy. Improvements can only be made where funding is available. Funding for improvements is sometimes available from local housing development. Often this is through a Section 106 fund. We also work with local community groups. These groups:

  • help raise funds from other external sources
  • help steer the design of improvements
  • participate in additional volunteer activities

Play improvement projects

Are you developing a project to invest in a play area that is not on our project list below? It is worth checking that the facility is strategically a priority. The Open Space Strategy for the local area (if a town) will indicate where resources are best focused. Some very small play areas have very limited use and can often be poorly located. It is evident that in the current economic climate the community is better served by better quality equipped play areas. These should be accessible to the largest population. They should also ensure that all residents have access to some form of open space for informal play.

Developing your own play project? For more information Cornwall Council has produced the Out To Play guide. 

Funding for play improvements is potentially available from a number of sources. These are identified in the Open Space Strategy. Where available Section 106 funds are a potential local source. This depends on whether there having been recent housing developments in the immediate area or not

Play projects

To learn more or to get involved in any of the schemes listed below, please e-mail

Current play projects

  • Brea Play Area, Camborne – new equipment (section 106 funded)
  • Charles Street Play Area, Bugle – renovations
  • Cotehele Close Play Area, Callington – renovations & new swings
  • Harmony Close Play Area, Redruth – renovations & new multi-play climbing unit (section 106 funded)
  • Millpool Play Area, Looe – renovations
  • Saltmill Play Park, Saltash – new equipment
  • Summerfields Play Area, St Stephens, Saltash - new equipment (section 106 funded)
  • Twelvewoods Play Area, Dobwalls – access improvements

Recent play projects

  • Bull Engine Skate Area, St Blazey. 2022
  • Castle Park Play Area, Liskeard. Improvements during 2020.
  • Culverland Park, Liskeard. Renovations undertaken 2019/20.
  • Hallaze Road Play Area, Penwithick. Renovation of large swing apparatus due in 2020
  • Latchbrook, Saltash. Improvements at the two main Gallacher Way and Yellow Tor play areas were delivered in July 2018.
  • Millpond Play Area, Hayle. New equipment installed in April 2018.
  • Park Bottom Playing Field, Illogan. Completed in Aug 2020.
  • Poldrea Green, Tywardreath. The improvements were completed in May 2018.
  • Regatta Playing Field, Charlestown. Works completed Early 2019
  • St Columb Minor Playing Field, Newquay. The design was completed in 2018.
  • Seaton Play Area. Work on phase 1 was completed in Oct 2020.

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  • Bull Engine Skate Area, St Blazey. It was necessary to remove the existing equipment. This was due to irrepairable safety defects. The site is also being looked at, as part of the StARR scheme. The Council is exploring ways to create a new facility along with the drainage solutions. This is based upon consultations, undertaken in June/July 2019.
  • Culverland Park, Liskeard. Renovations undertaken 2019/20. 
  • Hallaze Road Play Area, Penwithick. Renovation of large swing apparatus due in 2020
  • Harmony Close Play Area, Redruth. S106 funded renovations expected 2020/21
  • Park Bottom Playing Field, Illogan. Park users were consulted in August 2019, and again in October 2019. This was to inform and choose plans to replace old play equipment & redesign the park. The survey results have informed the final design, which was completed in Aug 2020.
  • Seaton Play Area.  Partial renovation of facilities, and the replacement of old log equipment and surfacing. Consultations were carried out in June/July 2019, and again in October 2019 to inform and select a preferred design. Work on phase 1 was completed in Oct 2020. The remaining new equipment will be delivered in a future second phase. The parish and residents association are working on raising the necessary funds.

  • Alexandra Play Area, Penzance. 3 new items of equipment completed and opened to the public in December 2016. Following a series of consultations design option A, the most popular, was ordered. There is a summary of the consultations to date for the Alexandra Play Area project.
  • Atlantic Rd Play Area, Newquay. Improvement work is now complete, with funding secured from local development. The play area is a key strategic facility for the west of the town. You can view designs for this play area. Initial consultations: Survey Results.
  • Castle Park Play Area, Liskeard. We hope a project to tackle some local issues and make improvements will begin during 2020.
  • Chestnut Close Play Area, Torpoint. New toddler swing and railings completed Nov 2017.
  • Esplanade Green, Newquay. Project completed 2017
  • Foxes Lane Play Area, Mousehole. The winning design was installed in August 2017. This followed Following a tender and follow-up consultation. This design received 50% of the votes. As an off-shoot a community-led project is focusing on the other landscaping and planting.
  • Latchbrook, Saltash. Consultations ran from August - October 2017. These were on improvements for Gallacher Way and Yellow Tor play areas. The results were used to inform different design options. These were consulted on during January and February 2018. The favourite design was delivered in July 2018. 
  • Millpond Play Area, Hayle. The latest design was installed in April 2018. The results of earlier consultations were used to develop designs.
  • Newbridge Lane Playing Field, Truro. This brand new play area was completed in spring 2019. It is sited on the Former Richard Lander school field. Funding came from local development. Completion followed consultations on the design. The design includes a range of extra features all linked via a network of footpaths. These were requested by the community and include:
    • tree planting
    • play area
    • informal kick about / dog walking area
    • a wildlife area
  • Poldrea Green, Tywardreath. The final design was chosen by the community following consultations in 2017. These improvements were completed in May 2018.
  • Mevagissey, Valley Road. Improvements were completed in November 2016. See video: Valley Road Play Area 
  • Regatta Playing Field, Charlestown. Works completed Early 2019
  • St Columb Minor Playing Field, Newquay. Funding was secured from local developments. This was used to improve the play area and access across the playing field to the school. The design was completed in 2018.
  • St Just Recreation Ground, St Just-in-Penwith. £30,000 has been set aside towards a new skate park. Consultations on the park in general closed in May 2017. These are now being used to steer a community-led project to improve the space. We are concentrating first on the creation of a new concrete wheeled-sports facility.
  • Trefusis Playing Field, Redruth. Initial repairs completed June 2016. New group swings and a surfaced ball games area were delivered in the summer 2018.
  • Treloggan Green, Newquay. We have been working with the Treloggan Residents Association on improvements. This includes designating the triangular area known as ‘Bookers Triangle’ as a Village Green. This scheme has now transferred to Newquay Town Council. This is to provide new play provision with S106 funding. 
  • Trenance Park Car Park Play, Newquay. Completed in June 2016. Repairs to equipment and landscaping expected in 2020.
  • Victoria Park, Redruth. New improvements with disabled access and play equipment completed Spring 2017.

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