Cornwall planning for Biodiversity Guide

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What is the Biodiversity Guide?

The Biodiversity Guide sets out a new approach by Cornwall Council for achieving a gain for nature within development sites.

It does this by encouraging more biodiverse, green and blue space within development sites. These include parks, ponds and corridors of open green space along rivers and hedges.

It gives advice on the use of the following:

  • bat and bird boxes
  • bee bricks

A healthy and biodiverse natural environment is good for both nature and humans.

What is Biodiversity?

Biodiversity means having as wide a range of different species as possible. Maintaining biodiversity is an important part of using the environment in a sustainable way. It’s important that our activities, including the of the built environment does not cause the loss of biodiversity.

The Council’s net gain approach

This document sets out an approach to securing net gain under the National Planning Policy Framework. The Government proposes a 10% biodiversity net gain for all planning applications through the Environment Bill.

The Council introduced its own requirement for net gain on all major planning applications in February 2020. It has also published a draft new Biodiversity Net Gain policy in the Climate Emergency DPD . 

This guidance will be updated as this approach becomes more established. A Chief Officer Advice Note is also available to help guide applicants.

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