Personal searches and access to data

A personal search of the Local Land Charges Register

A Personal Search of the Local Land Charges Register, is free of charge. Inspection in person is available by appointment only.

A guide for inspecting or purchasing information and data is available to download:

Impact of COVID 19 on personal searches

You can still perform a personal search. The service will be by email and is under the current unchecked and unrefined data provision. The lead time is in line with all our current search services. This is currently taking 10 working days.

There can be high demands for our services. The lead time could increase to at least 20 working days during peak times.

For further details, please contact Land Charges direct at

Fees - personal searches of the Local Land Charges Register

Product Fee from 1st January 2022

Personal Search

No fee

Personal Search additional parcels of land

No fee

Copy documents filed pursuant to the Local Land Charges Rules 1977:

Planning Decision Notices* £16.00 (£13.33+vat) each plus a one off administration charge of £7.50 (£6.25+vat).

Legal Agreements (TPOs, Sec106 and Enforcement Notices) £26.00 (£21.67+vat) each plus a one off administration charge of £7.50 (£6.25+vat).

The admin fee charged is per application site rather than per application.

* Please check the Online Planning Register many decision notices are free to download.

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