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Cornwall has a rich historic environment. It includes old buildings and places. They are important from a historical point of view. To lose them would be to lose a vital part of Cornish:

  • identity
  • character and
  • distinctiveness.

Caring for our historic environment is important. It requires regular maintenance and repair. Repairs should use the right methods and materials. Regular maintenance can avoid wasting time and money. It can prevent:

  • loss of original fabric
  • long-term structural defects.

Traditional Building Skills

Our geology provides local materials for development. Local building materials create Cornish character and distinctiveness.  Our stock is rich and varied across Cornwall.

Using the correct building materials supports:

  • the supply of historic building materials for future generations
  • crafts people
  • traditional building skills
  • local character and
  • distinctiveness

Traditional building skills have declined. So Cornwall Council are working with partners to reverse this.  We have set up courses in historic building materials and skills.

Our partners are Cornwall College and the Cornwall Sustainable Building Trust

Courses include:

  • scantle slate roofing and
  • working with lime and cob.

Please see the links below for further information:

Energy Conservation in historic buildings

It is better to re-use than rebuild old buildings. Replacing a building costs energy. Historic buildings contain 'embodied energy'.  They also contain a local identity and sense of place.

For more information on improving energy efficiency, please see:

Cornwall Council and partners are looking at sustainability in the historic environment:

Conversion of traditional farm buildings

Farm buildings are key to historic settlements and landscapes.

You can convert farm buildings for new uses. This should be done with care and understanding of of their:

  • distinctiveness and
  • special character.

Historic farmsteads guidance

This guidance will help achieve sustainable development.  It will help to conserve and enhance all the farm.  It includes the history and character of Cornwall’s landscape.  It covers settlements and historic buildings as well.

The Cornwall Farmstead Assessment Framework gives a step by step approach for the:

  • reuse of traditional farm buildings and
  • sustainable development of farmsteads. 

It identifies their historic character, significance and potential for change.

The Farmsteads Character Statement contains information on our traditional farms and buildings.

For more information:

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