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Homes for Ukraine: Help with Council Tax

If you are a sponsor or a Ukrainian national with a HFU visa, find out about the help you can get with Council Tax and how to apply.

Council tax reductions for sponsors

Sponsors will not lose their council tax discounts if they invite Ukrainian guests to stay with them under the HFU scheme.

For example, if you get a 25% discount because you are the only adult in a property, you will continue to receive the discount as the Ukrainian nationals will be disregarded.

If a sponsor’s property is exempt from council tax, they will not lose their exemption.

For example, if your property is exempt because all the residents are students, then you will continue to receive this exemption even if your Ukrainian guests are not students themselves.

Council tax reductions for Ukrainian nationals with an HFU visa

If your sponsor provides separate accommodation for you, for example in another property the sponsor owns but does not live in, then you will be responsible for the council tax yourself.

If all the residents have HFU visas then you will receive a 50% discount. You will be responsible for paying half the council tax on the property, but you may be able to claim an additional benefit called 'council tax support' to help you pay for this. 

Ukrainian guests finding their own property

If a Ukrainian national has an HFU visa and the sponsorship arrangement ends, they can look for their own property to rent.

They will be responsible for the council tax themselves, but if all the residents have HFU visas then they will receive a 50% discount and they may also be able to claim council tax support.

A Ukrainian national may also be able to claim Universal Credit for support with their day to day living expenses and help with the rent.

Council tax reductions only apply to the HFU scheme

This help with council tax only applies to Ukrainian nationals who have received a visa under the Homes for Ukraine scheme. It does not apply to other schemes such as The Ukraine Family Scheme or The Ukraine Extension Scheme. 

Apply for help with council tax 

The sponsor must provide:

  • the names of the Ukrainian guests 
  • the date they moved in 
  • evidence that they have permission to enter or stay in the UK under the HFU scheme 
  • the address of the property the Ukrainian nationals occupy either with the sponsor or provided by the sponsor 

If the Ukrainian national has moved to independent accommodation, they must provide evidence that they have permission to enter or stay in the UK under the HFU scheme.

Please use the online form below and ask for a discount under the HFU scheme.

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