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Community Right to Bid

The Localism Act 2011 introduced the Community Right to Bid. It enables certain groups to nominate local land or buildings to be included in the Cornwall Council List of Assets of Community Value.

Groups which can nominate assets include: 

  • town councils
  • parish councils
  • local voluntary organisations and
  • community organisations

You can view the location of these assets on our interactive mapping page. Select ‘Community’ then the ‘Community Right to Bid’ option from the Layers menu.

For an asset to be listed, it needs to prove that its main use contributes to the interests of the local community. Community interests may include: 

  • social wellbeing
  • cultural
  • recreational or 
  • sporting

It will need to show that such use is current and will continue.  Examples could include: 

  • village shops
  • pubs
  • community centres
  • playing fields.

The following assets would not be included: 

  • buildings used as administrative offices
  • land or property where community use is not the main function

Once an asset is listed this places some restrictions on the owner should they decide to put it up for sale.  Before the asset may be sold the owner must notify the council. From then there is an initial period of six weeks given.

This is to allow groups the opportunity to register an interest in making a bid to purchase the asset.  Where an interest is registered by a qualifying group, the asset cannot be sold for six months. This gives groups time to develop a proposal. They should also raise the required capital to bid for the asset when it comes onto the open market at the end of that period.

It’s important to note that the listing serves only to give a window of time to groups. This time is to prepare to bid alongside other potential buyers if the asset comes up for sale during the five year period. 

 Any sale after the six month period takes place under normal market conditions. The owner is under no obligation to sell to a community group.  Equally, community groups which have registered an interest are under no obligation to bid or purchase.

Legislative arrangements and Cornwall Council Guidance are provided through: 

Apply to nominate an asset for the list of assets of community value

Key Facts

The document Cornwall Council List of Assets of Community Value includes: 

  • all assets nominated by groups as an asset of community value
  • the status of the nomination (under consideration, successful or unsuccessful)
  • the reasons for this decision.

The filter arrows in the column headings allow you to sort the content. For example to just show successful nominations.

Intention to Bid for Asset of Community Value Form

This form enables eligible groups to submit an intention to bid upon an asset. Assets are listed on the Cornwall Council List of Assets of Community Value under the Localism Act 2011.

Other useful source of information and advice

  • The Government has produced an interactive map. This lists protected assets and other community rights uses throughout the country.
  • My Community
  • Independent support on how to use the Community Right to Bid is available from Locality. This support includes information about grants. Locality is a national network of over 700 community-led organisations. You can contact them on 0345 458 8336 or by email:

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