Cornish Language Office

Cornwall Council leads the Cornish language programme.  It has also established the Cornish Language Office. The Cornish Language Lead is responsible for:

  • increasing the use of Cornish in the work of the Council
  • giving advice to organisations who want to use Cornish
  • coordinating projects in the community

The Cornish Language Team

  • Mark Trevethan, Cornish Language Lead
  • Sam Rogerson, Support Officer


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Information about the Cornish Language Forum

This will be chaired by the Grand Bard as an independent chairman.  It is open to the public for anyone with an interest in the Cornish language. There will be meetings twice yearly.

Cornwall Council and Gorsedh Kernow facilitate the Cornish Language Forum. It is open to all organisations, groups and people interested in revitalising Cornish.

The Cornish Language Forum meets twice a year. Chaired by the current Bardh Meur as a civic Cornish language community representative.


The Cornish Language Forum’s main role is to provide an opportunity for Cornwall Council to consult with a broad, informed and interested audience on its plans and its operational progress in terms of promoting language policy and planning activities.

It will also serve as a mechanism that holds Cornwall Council to public account for its language activities.

Its meetings should also be viewed as occasions to celebrate successes, share good practice and promote the use of Cornish in general.


The functions of the Cornish Language Forum will include the following:

  • To receive information annually regarding Cornwall Council’s intentions regarding its planned language policy and planning activities and comment upon those intentions
  • To receive information annually regarding Cornwall Council’s language policy and planning activities in the previous operational year and comment upon progress
  • To serve as a platform for events and activities that celebrate and promote the Cornish language, share good language planning practice and develop new ideas for further initiatives in the promotion of Cornish.


See the agendas and minutes of previous Language Forum meetings.


The Cornish Language Strategy sets out our direction for developing Cornish usage. The current strategy will run for 10 years, from 2015–2025. Annual plans explain how we will work towards the longer term aims of the strategy.

The Cornish language is officially recognised by the UK Government under the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages and the Framework Convention for National Minorities. 

The Council of Europe's Charter for Regional or Minority Languages

In November 2002, after a seven-year campaign by Cornish organisations and local authorities, the United Kingdom government specified Cornish under Part II of the Council of Europe's Charter for Regional or Minority Languages.

The UK government committed to 'base its policies, legislation and practice' on a list of nine objectives and principles in the Charter.  These include recognition of Cornish as an expression of cultural wealth and supporting promotion of the language. 

Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities

The Cornish people were acknowledged by the UK Government as a national minority under the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities in 2014. National minority status is based on many things including culture, history, language and sport.

Recognition under the Framework Convention empowers Cornish people to better identify with their own cultural identity and encourage conditions where young Cornish people can feel valued and respected.  

Cornwall Council has a working group looking at the obligations of the Framework, including for the language.

See the plan of the Cornwall Council Cornish minority working group

The Cornish Language Office supports projects which will increase the use of Cornish and develop skills and capacity in the community. 

Cornish Language Learning and Communications Fund 2021–2024

The Learning and Communications Fund is a key part of the wider Cornish Language Strategy.  It is intended to:

  • increase public awareness of the Cornish language
  • create new opportunities to learn the language
  • increase Cornish language teaching in schools

You can find more information about the project by selecting the link below or by contacting the Cornish Language Office.

Innovation Funds 2021–2022

As part of the Cornish Language Strategy, we are supporting Cornish language projects in 2021–2022 with the two following funds:

Social Activity Innovation Fund 2021–2022

Rosweyth - the network of Cornish language voluntary groups will deliver a series of small projects through the year to promote spoken use of Cornish.

Media and Technology Innovation Fund 2021–2022

This will support FylmK in partnership with Screen Cornwall and Medya an Gernewegva which provides online programmes in Cornish.

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