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Report an overgrown area of land or public space

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Maintenance of open spaces

We maintain many areas of Council owned land such as

  • communal areas
  • country parks
  • grassed areas
  • nature reserves
  • parks and gardens
  • playgrounds
  • playing fields
  • shrub and flower beds
  • woodlands

Other types of land we maintain

You can report a problem with a public right of way, such as a public footpath or bridleway, or a roadside pavement using the links below. 

Public Rights of Way (PROW)

A public right of way is a route over land which the public has a legal right to use at any time.  Some paths may be surfaced although most are tracks across countryside owned by landowners.Report a problem with a public right of way

Highway and verge maintenance

If the issue is next to a road or highways this is dealt with by a different team.

Please note; Growth from a boundary hedge that separates a field or land from the road is the responsibility of the landowner.

We do have the power to take action on behalf of the landowner when appropriate.

Find out more about hedge & verge maintenance

Grass cutting requests

The cutting of road verges is divided into:

  • Rural – for roads with speed limits above 30 mph. These are maintained by the Cormac highways team
  • Urban areas – for roads with speed limits under 30 mph, are maintained by the Cormac environmental team

Find out more about grass cutting

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