Orange Button Community Scheme

People struggling with mental ill health, having thoughts of suicide or worried about a friend or family member, can now "push the button" when they see someone displaying a distinctive orange badge and ask them for information and support.

The Orange Button is worn by people who have

  • undergone extensive mental health first aid
  • or suicide prevention training

Whilst they are not able to counsel people, they can help you find relevant services.

As well as wearing an Orange Button badge, individuals can also display the Orange Button on their email signature to show that they are trained and available to help.

If you’re struggling with mental ill health, having thoughts of suicide, or are worried about a friend or family member visit our Mental Health pages to find help and support.  Or call the NHS 24/7 mental health response line on 0800 038 5300.

How does it work?

The Orange Button Scheme is linked to (but not limited to) any one of the following funded training courses through Healthy Cornwall:

  • ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training)
  • Suicide First Aid
  • Suicide First Aid Lite
  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) (2 day – Adult) 

Visit the Healthy Cornwall website

People who have taken part in Quality Assured suicide prevention training of at least three hours will be eligible to take part in the scheme.

By wearing an Orange Button badge they are showing their willingness to engage with others in supportive talk about mental health.

The Orange Button signifies that the person displaying it is:

  • OK to say/hear the word suicide
  • Can listen without judgement
  • Can support people with signposting

As well as the badge, participants will receive a resource pack of support materials.

This will include information on signposting to local services and self-care.

How can I get an Orange Button?

If you would like to become an Orange Button holder, you will need to have completed;

  • at least three hours of Quality Assured suicide prevention training

This is to ensure you are equipped with the skills to listen and signpost people.

If you would like more information or to access any of the applicable training sessions, please head to the Healthy Cornwall training page to view availability and book. 

Healthy Cornwall training

The cost for training has been covered by Public Health, however the training manuals that accompany the courses do have a cost:

  • MHFA £25
  • ASIST £25 
  • Suicide First Aid £15

Once you have completed your training you can wear the button on your clothing to identify you as somebody that has received suicide awareness training and/or add the graphic to your email signature.

Training opportunities

If you have already completed one of the training courses linked to the Orange Button Scheme Healthy Cornwall will contact you to see if you would like to take part.

It is voluntary and up to the individual to decide if they want to display the badge.

For more information, please email

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