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Author Title ISBN
Aaron, Jason      Avengers. Volume 7 9781302924867
Adams, Ellery     Ink and Shadows: A Witty and Page-Turning Southern Cozy Mystery 9781496726414
Aldred, Sophie     At childhood's end 9781785945014
Ashenden,Jackie The Italian's final redemption 9780263278422
Audrain, Ashley     The push 9780241434550
Avery, Fiona      Here comes the Spider-Girl 9781302926465
Bauer, Belinda    Exit 9781787630956
Bec, Christophe Sunlight 9781951038274
Bell, Gary       Post mortem 9781526612403
Blake, Fanny      The long way home 9781471193590
Blake,Maya The commanding Italian's challenge 9780263282276
Block, Simon      A woman's courage 9781785765674
Blunt, Giles      Forty words for sorrow 9780007115778
Brackston, Paula      The garden of promises and lies 9781250072450
Braffet, Kelly      The unwilling 9780233006475
Brett, Simon      Blotto, Twinks and the Maharajah's jewel 9781472133908
Breukelaar, J.S.       Collision: stories 9781946154170
Buchanan, Tracy      Circle of doubt 9781542017527
Butler, Octavia E. Clay's ark 9781472281029
Butler, Octavia E. Mind of my mind 9781472281005
Butler, Octavia E. Patternmaster 9781472281043
Butler, Octavia E. Wild seed 9781472280992
Carey, Louise     Inscape 9781473232747
Carrick, M.A.       The mask of mirrors 9780356515175
Cashore, Kristin    Bitterblue 9781473233270
Cashore, Kristin    Graceling 9781473233256
Cashore, Kristin    Winterkeep 9781473232778
Cates, Donny      Reactor. Vol. 1 9781939424365
Cates, Donny      The devourer king 9781846533969
Claremont, Chris      Wanda & Vision 9781302927349
Clements, Rory       A prince and a spy 9781838773335
Colfer, Eoin       High fire 9781529402032
Cornwell, Patricia D Spin 9781542044783
Court, Dilly      The reluctant heiress 9780008287900
Dalcher, Christina  Q 9780008440602
Daniel,Tim (Comic book creator Spiritus 9781939424303
Dean, Abigail    Girl A 9780008389055
Dean, Will       The last thing to burn 9781529307054
Doe, Juan       Bad reception 9781949028379
Engberg, Katrine    The Butterfly House 9781529344653
Everest, Elaine     A mother forever 9781529015997
Ewing, Al         Empyre 9781846532719
Ewing, Al         The fictional man 9781781088180
Fabbri, Robert     The three paradises 9781786498007
Fagan, Jenni      Luckenbooth 9780434023318
Flanagan, Richard    The living sea of waking dreams 9781784744182
Flynn, Katie      Over the rainbow 9781529123890
Ford, R.S.       The spear of malice 9781785653124
Gaiman, Neil       Eternals 9781302925185
Gardner, Lisa       Before she disappeared 9781529124415
Gibson, Jasper     The octopus man 9781474616072
Gibson, William    Agency 9780241974575
Gillen, Kieron     Once & future. Volume 2 9781684156375
Godden, Salena Sal Mrs Death misses Death 9781838851194
Grace, Sina       Ghosted in L.A.. Volume 3 9781684156047
Gratton, Tessa      Lady Hotspur 9780008281977
Gregory, Philippa   Bread and chocolate 9780007145898
Grushin, Olga       The charmed wife 9781529346374
Hammer, Chris      Trust 9781472272904
Harper, Jane       The survivors 9781408711989
Haun, Jeremy     The red mother. Volume 2 9781684156221
Hepburn, Holly      Coming home to Brightwater Bay 9781471170331
Hickman, Jonathan   Dawn of X. Vol. 6 9781302927684
Hickman, Jonathan   Giant-size X-Men. Volume 1 9781302925833
Highsmith, Patricia   Under a dark angel's eye: the selected stories of Patricia Highsmith 9780349014760
Howard, Tini       Strikeforce. Vol. 2 9781302920104
Hurley, Graham     Last flight to Stalingrad 9781788547543
Johnson, Phillip Ke Resurrection 9781302924409
Jones, Cherie     How the one-armed sister sweeps her house 9781472268778
Jones, Gwyneth A. Castles made of sand 9781473230200
Jones, Robert JR. The prophets 9781529405705
Jordan, Zack       The last human 9781473650879
Jurgens, Dan        Burning rage 9781779502995
Kaufmann, Georgia    The dressmaker of Paris 9781529336023
Kendrick,Sharon Cinderella's Christmas secret 9780263278415
Kent, Nick       The Unstable Boys: a novel 9781472132901
Kirby, Jack       Cosmic origins 9781302926656
Kirby, Jack       The eternals. Vo. 2 9781846533877
Kirby, Jack       The eternals. Vol. 1 9781846533815
Lees, John       Mountainhead 9781684056330
Leilani, Raven      Luster 9781529035988
Liu, Cixin      Of ants and dinosaurs 9781789546125
Lloyd, Ellery     People like her 9781529039382
MacAire, Jennifer   A remedy in time 9781786157904
MacBride, Stuart     The coffinmaker's garden 9780008208318
MacKay, Jed        Black Cat. Volume 3 9781302922924
Madson, Devin      We lie with death 9780356514093
Maine, Sarah      Alchemy and Rose 9781529384987
Manning, Sarra      Rescue me 9781529336542
Mannion, Una        A crooked tree 9780571357956
Mansell, Jill       And now you're back 9781472248541
Martin, Andrew     Powder smoke 9781472154835
McConaghy, Charlotte  The last migration 9781784743178
McDonnell, C.K.       The stranger times 9781787633353
McGuire, Seanan     Ghost-spider. Volume 2 9781302924706
McInerney, Monica     The godmothers 9781787395244
McKeever, Sean       Hawkeye - Kate Bishop 9781846532863
McKeever, Sean       Highschool drama 9781846532856
McPherson, Catriona   The mirror dance 9781529337921
Meier,Susan Stolen kiss with her billionaire boss 9780263279061
Miller, Derek B.   Radio life 9781529408584
Morrison,Grant  Best of Heavy Metal. Volume 2 9780998919058
Mosse, Kate       The city of tears 9781509806874
Nell, Joanna     The great escape from Woodlands Nursing Home 9781529349337
Noon, Jeff       House with no doors 9780857525635
Oates, Joyce Caro Cardiff, by the sea 9781800241398
Oates, Joyce Caro Drawing Lines: An Anthology Of Women Cartoonists 9781506716886
O'Callaghan, Billy      Life sentences 9781787332447
O'Connor, Deborah    The captive 9781838772659
Pacheco, Karla      Bad blood 9781302921866
Parsons, Tony       Your neighbour's wife 9781529124736
Patrick, Tony       X'ed 9781628751154
Pembroke,Sophie Awakening his shy Cinderella:A temporary Christmas arrangement 9780263279078
Petrie, Nick       Breaker 9780525535478
Pevel, Pierre     The Cardinal's blades omnibus 9781473228337
Porter, Max        The death of Francis Bacon 9780571366514
Poyer, David      Violent peace: aftermath of Armageddon 9781250220585
Pratt, Tim        The fractured void 9781839080463
Preston, Douglas J. The scorpion's tail 9781838931230
Prince, W.Maxwell  King of nowhere 9781684156139
Purcell, Laura      The shape of darkness 9781526602589
Quinn, Frances    The smallest man 9781471193408
Reilly, Matthew    The two lost mountains 9781409194392
Reynolds, Allie      Shiver 9781472270245
Richardson, Mike       47 Ronin 9781506717999
Roanhorse, Rebecca    Black sun 9781781089477
Robotham,Mandy  The Berlin girl 9780008419820
Rosenberg, Matthew    Freefall 9781302921118
Routley, Jane       Shadow in the empire of light 9781781088340
Sable, Mark       Godkillers 9781949028461
Sanderson, Brandon    The way of kings 9781398703629
Selby, Adrian     Brother red 9780356508443
Shannon, Samantha   The mask falling 9781408865569
Soule, Charles    Light of the Jedi 9781529124644
Steel, Danielle   Neighbours 9781529021394
Stivers, Carole     The mother code 9781529378191
Tan, Amy        Memory of Desire 9780007585502
Taylor, Brad       American traitor 9781838937751
Tchaikovsky, Adrian     Bear head 9781800241541
Thorogood, Robert     The Marlow Murder Club 9780008238247
Tieri, Frank      Ravencroft 9781302922603
Toyne, Simon      Dark Objects 9780007551675
Tudor, C.J.       The burning girls 9780241371305
Tynion, James I.V  Something is killing the children. Vol. 2 9781684156498
Updike, John       Rabbit is rich 9780141188553
Vigan, Delphine D Gratitude 9781526618856
Wagers, K.B.       Down among the dead 9780356512389
Wagner, John       Essential Judge Dredd: the Apocalypse War 9781781088906
Waid, Mark       Dr. Strange, surgeon supreme. Vol. 1 9781302921057
Washington, Bryan      Memorial 9781838950088
West,Annie The king's bride by arrangement 9780263282283
Wilson, Christophe Hurdy gurdy 9780571361946
Wilson, G.Willow   Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan 9781846532870
Winch, Tara June  The yield 9780008437077
Wong, Alyssa     Doctor Aphra. Vol. 1 9781302923044
Zayyan, Hafsa      We are all birds of Uganda 9781529118643
  The definitive Eternals 9781846533853

Author Title ISBN
Adekoya, Remi       Biracial Britain: a different way of looking at race 9781472133458
Beck, Koa        White feminism 9781398501966
Beckman, Milo       Math without numbers 9780241507575
Bergin, Tom        Free lunch thinking: how economics ruins the economy 9781847942739
Bradford, Richard    Devils, lusts and strange desires: the life of Patricia Highsmith 9781448217908
Brusseau, Peggy      The contented vegan: recipes and philosophy from a family kitchen 9781838934682
Buckley, Anna       Virus Hunters 9781474607469
Burks, Ruth Coker All the young men: a memoir of love, AIDS, and chosen family in the American South 9781409189107
Clarke, Rachel     Breathtaking: life and death in a time of contagion 9781408713785
Claypole, Jonty      Words fail us: in defence of disfluency 9781788161718
Comey, James B.JR Saving justice: truth, transparency and trust 9781529062816
Cotton, Fearne     Speak your truth: connecting with your inner truth and learning to find your voice 9781409183174
Coulthard, Sally      The book of the earthworm 9781789544756
Dillon, Paddy      The South West Coast Path: from Minehead to South Haven Point 9781852847579
Edwards, Mark       The tao of Bowie: 10 lessons from David Bowie's life to help you live yours 9781911630869
Flyn, Cal        Islands of abandonment: life in the post-human landscape 9780008329761
Francis, Gavin      Intensive care: a GP, a community & COVID-19 9781788167321
Galeotti, Mark       A short history of Russia 9781529106381
Geoghegan, Peter      Democracy for sale: dark money and dirty politics 9781789546040
Geve, Thomas     The boy who drew Auschwitz 9780008406387
Glaude, Eddie S.JR Begin again 9781784744335
Gooch, Millie     The sober girl society handbook: an empowering guide to living hangover free 9781787634121
Gordon, Bryony     No such thing as normal 9781472279354
Gray, Tanis      Knitting the galaxy: the official Star Wars knitting pattern book 9781911663577
Hamer, Marc       Seed to dust: a gardener's story 9781787302068
Hart, Peter      At close range: life and death in an artillery regiment, 1939-45 9781788161657
Heminsley, Alexandra  Some body to love: a family story 9781784743079
Holzman, Michael    Kim and Jim: friends and enemies in the Cold War 9781474617802
James, Michael    Feel better, no matter what: a 4-week course to love the life you have right now 9781786784179
Knight, Erika      Texture 9781787131750
Kross, Ethan      Chatter: the voice in our head, why it matters - and how to harness it 9781785041945
Morain, Dan        Kamala's way 9781398504851
Okri, Ben        A fire in my head 9781800243002
Olima, Paul       Fit: smash your goals and stay strong for life 9781471197505
Pinnock, Dale       The medicinal chef: eat your way to better health 9781787136540
Pollock, Lucy       The book about getting older (for people who don't want to talk about it) 9780241423394
Pourriol, Ollivier   The French art of not trying too hard 9781788163279
Sanghera, Sathnam    Empireland: how imperialism has shaped modern Britain 9780241445297
Saunders, George     A swim in a pond in the rain 9781526624284
Sopel, Jon        UnPresidented: politics, pandemics and the race that Trumped all others 9781785944406
Swan, Annalyn    Francis Bacon: revelations 9780007298419
Tomlinson, Graeme     The Fitness Chef: 100 lower-calorie versions of your favourite meals 9781529108354
Tremain, Derek      How to solve a murder 9780008404888
Wilczek, Frank      Fundamentals: ten keys to reality 9780241302460
Winchester, Simon      Land: the ownership of everywhere 9780008359119
Wood, Levison    Explorers mindset 9781529343021
Wynne, Frank      Queer: a collection of LGBTQ writing from ancient times to yesterday 9781789542349
  Digital photography complete course: everything you need to know in 20 weeks 9780241446614
  Eggs all day: 100 recipes to take you from dawn to dusk 9781788793469
  Totally tofu: 60 delicious protein packed vegetarian and vegan recipes 9781788793476

Author Title ISBN
Agard, John       Books make good pets 9781408359884
Albertalli, Becky      Love, Creekwood: a novella 9780241492222
Andreae, Giles      Love: giraffes can't dance 9781408364833
Arrhenius, Ingela P.  Where's Mrs Tiger? 9781788007504
Baron, Adam       This wonderful thing 9780008267087
Bedford, David      Banned! 9781789980905
Bedford, David      Masters of soccer 9781789980912
Bedford, David      Superteam 9781789980899
Bell, P.G.       Delivery to the Lost City 9781474948630
Blade, Adam       Mallix, the silent stalker 9781408362174
Blade, Adam       Teknos, the ocean crawler 9781408362143
Bond, Michael    Love Day 9780008409173
Booth, Anne       A shelter for sadness 9781787417212
Bracken, Alexandra  Lore 9781786541529
Bright, Rachel     Slug in love 9781471188602
Burge, Rachel     The crooked mask 9781471409202
Burningham, John       Avocado baby 9780857552150
Butchart, Pamela     The broken leg of doom 9781788007870
Carle, Eric       The very hungry caterpillar's first 100 words 9780241456811
Carroll, Emma       The ghost garden 9781781129005
Chapman, Linda      The midnight realm 9781788951975
Cleverly, Sophie     A case of grave danger 9780008297350
Cobb, Amelia     The rowdy red panda 9781788009331
Copeland, Sam        Uma and the answer to absolutely everything 9780241439210
Cousins, Lucy       Happy Birthday, Maisy 9781406397604
Cousins, Lucy       Let's play monsters! 9781406384802
Cousins, Lucy       Maisy's Chinese New Year 9781406395341
Dale, Elizabeth  Samir's best sports day 9781445169415
Dodd, Emma       How big is love? 9781787417113
Donaldson, Julia      Let's find Stick Man 9780702305849
Donaldson, Julia      Let's find Zog 9780702305832
Driver, Sarah      Once we were witches 9781405295543
Duffy, Malcolm    Sofa surfer 9781786697684
Earle, Phil       Edgar & Adolf 9780198494911
Edge, Christophe Space oddity 9781912626861
Elphinstone, Abi        Everdark 9781471194702
Ferrada, Maria Jose Tweet!: a slide-and-see book! 9781646860920
Fletcher, Tom        There's a dragon in your book 9780141376141
Forde, Patricia   Fidget the wonder dog 9780241373163
Foster, Stewart    The perfect parent project 9781471191268
Gimenez De Ory, Beatriz    Crack!: a slide-and-see book! 9781646860937
Gimenez De Ory, Beatriz    Poop!: a slide-and-see book! 9781646860913
Gliori, Debi       Little Owl's bathtime 9781526613868
Hart, Caryl      Can I be the best? 9781471182693
Kemmerer, Brigid     A vow so bold and deadly 9781526613820
Kessler, Liz        When the world was ours 9781471196805
Lacey, Josh       Hope Jones will not eat meat 9781783449392
Larwood, Kieran     Uki and the swamp spirit 9780571342822
Lawrence, Patrice    Rat 9780198494935
Lodge, Jo         Let's play, cheetah 9781529026764
Lodge, Jo         Time for bed, panda 9781529026740
McGowan, Anthony    I am the minotaur 9780198494874
McKee, David      Two can toucan 9781839130212
McLaughlin, Tom        The day I got zapped with super powers 9781406389654
McMillan, Dawn       My bum is so noisy! 9780702305948
Meadows, Daisy      Fairtail and the perfect puzzle 9781408361948
Meadows, Daisy      Maryam the nurse fairy 9781408364666
Meadows, Daisy      Spiritmane and the hidden magic 9781408361962
Milbourne, Anna       Snowy places 9781474983808
Muchamore, Robert     Piracy, paintballs & zebras 9781471409479
Nadin, Joanna     The worst class in the world gets worse 9781526611888
Patrick, S.A.       A vanishing of Griffins 9781474945684
Pilkey, Dav        Captain Underpants: two turbo-charged novels in one 9780702306778
Rowland, Lucy       The three little pigs and the big bad book 9781529003666
Rowland, Lucy       There's no such thing as unicorns 9780702300684
Scarry, Richard    Richard Scarry's best busy year ever 9780571361205
Scarry, Richard    Richard Scarry's The adventures of Lowly Worm 9780571361243
Shepherd, Andy       The boy who sang with dragons 9781848129429
Sparkes, Amy        The house at the edge of magic 9781406395310
Sperring, Mark       The Don't Panic Gang! 9781408893067
ST. John, Lauren     Kat Wolfe on thin ice 9781509874279
Taylor, C.L.       The island 9780008240592
Thomas, Angie      Concrete rose 9781406384444
Thompson, Lisa       The graveyard riddle 9780702301582
Vulliamy, Clara      Marshmallow Pie the Cat Superstar in Hollywood 9780008355913
Walden, Libby      Feelings 9781838911751
Webb, Holly      The kitten next door 9781788953023
Welford, Ross       When we got lost in dreamland 9780008447182
Williamson, Lisa       First day of my life 9781788451536

Author Title ISBN
Morgan, Nicola     The awesome power of sleep: how sleep super-charges your teenage brain 9781406395402
Sirdeshpande, Rashmi     How to change the world 9780241410349
  100 things to know about the oceans 9781474953160

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