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Cornwall Council delivers Public Health Nursing Services for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

The children of Cornwall and Isles of Scilly deserve the best. The Care Quality Commission rates Our service as Good.

You can read more about children's services on our One Vision page: 

One Vision

To maintain and improve our service we need people who share our passion and motivation. This enables us to improve.

We welcome applications from practitioners with the skills and positivity to help us achieve an outstanding service.

There are six localities in total across the County, including the Isles of Scilly. The three Area Managers manage two localities each. Each team is closely aligned and works across the locality area.

The Safeguarding and Practice Team provides a comprehensive benchmark of service delivery. This team includes: 

  • Named Nurse
  • Clinical Governance Lead
  • Practice and Policy Lead
  • Strategic Specialist Posts
  • Practice Teachers
  • Infant Feeding

Clinical staff are employed under Agenda for Change Terms and Conditions.

We reimburse professional nursing registration fees. There are also flexible home working opportunities.


Our Roles

Area Managers

Experienced, clinically qualified staff who: 

  • Lead and manage large groups of staff
  • Provide the service direction
  • Risk assess service delivery
  • Recruitment and retention of staff
  • Work in partnership with others leading on integrated services
  • Oversees quality of delivery and ensures Key Performance Indicators are met

Area managers are line managed by the Head of Service. Working with the Named Nurse and Business Support Manager they form the service Operational Team.

Team Managers

Nurses with Leadership and Management experience manage the Public Health Nursing Teams.

They are responsible for: 

  • The day to day service delivery ensuring Key Performance Indicators are met
  • Ensuring staff are mobilised to deliver clinics
  • Early intervention and safeguarding
  • Efficient team management, delegation, supervision

Partnership skills with the community and voluntary sector. i.e. Early Years , Early Help Teams and Family Hubs amongst others.

Health Visitors

Specialist Community Public Health Nurses who work with all families from pregnancy until the child is 2 years old. Then families with children aged 2-5 years needing extra support until school.

Health Visitors: 

  • Deliver the Healthy Child Programme. Including mandated reviews at the new birth assessment, 6-8 weeks, a targeted 3-4 month review and 1 and 2 year age developmental reviews.
  • Offer support to parents with emotional health and wellbeing
  • Parenting advice and support and health promotion advice.
  • Work together with Midwives, GPs, Early Years, Early Help and Child Protection. Others include Speech and Language Therapy, Special Parenting and Paediatric Nursing Teams

School Nurses

Specialist Community Public Health Nurses work with school aged children, young people and their families.

The School Nurse role is to: 

  • Maintain school placement for all children and young people.
  • Enable them to reach their individual academic potential by identifying and assessing health needs. They interpret the impact of these needs in the educational setting and intervene appropriately.
  • Promote physical and emotional health and well-being
  • Keep children safe and support those with complex and extra health and wellbeing needs to access education.

School Nurses deliver the Healthy Child Programme.

They offer: 

  • health assessments
  • school health appointments
  • drop-ins and health promotion zones
  • safeguarding

They work alongside: 

  • Schools
  • Elective home educated team
  • Headstart
  • Educational psychology and others

Community Nurses

Qualified Registered Nurses who can be from an adult, child, midwifery or mental health background.

The Nurses provide the extra health skills required in the team. They deal with delegated caseloads. They access supervision from their Health Visitor or School Nurse line manager.

Family Health Workers

They have a variety of children’s focused qualifications and backgrounds. They complement their existing knowledge and skills by completing service competencies. Their role is to: 

  • Provide essential skills in the teams to support Health Visitors and School Nurses
  • Help to deliver the service
  • Support individual care plans to children, young people and families
  • Deliver school health zones, health promotion, clinics and the National Child Measurement Programme

Health Visitor School Nurse Advice Line

Current vacancies

Please view the vacancies and you can make an application online: 

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