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Transferring apprenticeship levy funds to other employers

The apprenticeship levy is already giving employers like us a real opportunity to invest in high-quality training, helping to grow our business and get the skilled workforce we need to thrive and succeed. Now we can work in partnership with other employers, supporting them to take on new apprentices and to support and develop existing employees.

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As a large levy paying employer with an ambitious Apprentice Strategy, we can now transfer up to 10% of our apprenticeship levy funds to other employers, helping to boost the number of high-quality apprenticeships across the county.

More detailed guidance can be found on transferring unused apprenticeship funds to other employers

Receiving employers can be:

  • In our supply chain, including the supply chain for our Group of Companies
  • Providing Council services devolved to them for delivery, e.g. Town and Parish Councils
  • Businesses and other organisations that support Cornwall’s growth agenda (as outlined in the LEP’s 10 Opportunities)
  • Voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector

To gain maximum benefit from the levy funds bids will be prioritised using the following criteria:

  • Priority 1: Addressing skill shortages in Cornwall. Priority sectors to include Social Care and Digital skills
  • Priority 2: Supporting capacity building in devolved services delivering on behalf of the Council. (E.g. Town Councils delivering Library Services)
  • Priority 3: Creating apprenticeship opportunities for disadvantaged groups. (E.g. Care leavers; NEETs; those with disabilities; long term unemployed) Priority to include care leavers
  • Priority 4: Creating Higher Level Apprenticeships. Cornwall has a lower proportion of the population with higher level qualifications than elsewhere in the country.  Creating higher level apprenticeships will support our apprenticeship and wider economic and skills strategies.

To maximise the potential amount available of transfer funds, we plan to work collaboratively with our Group of Companies to jointly identify and engage with potential employers and organisations to receive funds.  This will increase our reach and widen our opportunities to promote availability of funds. 

  • In order to identify and select transfer recipients, we will conduct an expression of interest exercise/bid process
  • Receiving employers or organisations must be able to demonstrate how their apprenticeships will contribute to the Council’s strategic aims
  • Any employer or organisation receiving funds must be registered on the apprenticeship service
  • A transfer can only be used to pay for training and assessment for apprenticeship standards
  • Transferred funds can be used for the training and assessment of new apprentices and existing employees undertaking apprenticeships

Employers interested in making a bid for a levy transfer will need to apply online using the link below. You will need to provide the following information:

  1. Title and Level of apprenticeship standard/s 
  2. Details of which priority strategic aims the apprenticeship/s will meet
  3. An indication of the longer term plans for your apprentice/s on completion of their apprenticeship
  4. Commitment to notify the Council the outcome of the apprenticeship/s

Applications will be administered by a joint panel made up of representatives of the Council and the Group of Companies.

Applications will be scored against the assessment questions and the four priorities.

As levy transfers can only be made against a named apprentice, ‘approval in principle’ will be granted until the apprentice/s has been recruited and the learning provider identified. 

The opportunity to bid for transfer funds will remain open throughout the year.

Applicants will be contacted within two weeks of initial application to confirm outcome of their bid. 

In the event of successful applications exceeding funds availability, a selection assessment exercise will be run to decide final recipients.

For monitoring purposes, receiving employers will also need to commit to notifying the Council on the outcome of the apprenticeship.

Apply for apprenticeship levy funds online

If you still have some questions, please get in touch with us at or call 01872 324600