Landlord and Tenant Relationships

The Private Sector Housing Team opposes all criminal activity in the Private Rented Sector.

Illegal eviction and harassment is a significant cause of homelessness. There is often a high personal impact on victims of this crime. Many lose their home with little or no warning.

Private Sector Housing will work with our partners to prevent homelessness. We will work to sustain tenancies by offering advice, guidance and information to tenants and landlords.

We will reduce illegal eviction by ensuring that tenants are aware of their rights.

We will ensure landlords are aware of their legal duties. This includes the steps that they need to follow to take lawful possession of their properties.

Prosecution will be considered:

  • Where tenancy sustainment actions fail
  • There has been no opportunity afforded to sustain a tenancy and
  • A person is either harassed or illegally evicted

The Council may also investigate the landlord in respect of housing standards. This could include any and all properties that they own and rent out within Cornwall.

If you believe that your landlord may be harassing you or there are threats of illegal eviction please get in touch with us.

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