About the Cornwall Responsible Landlord Scheme

About the scheme

The scheme aims to help landlords and agents to provide safe and well managed housing. The private rented sector in Cornwall is growing. Many people find themselves unable to buy so turn to renting a home. New investors entering the market may not have any experience of being a landlord. They may not have a clear understanding of standards or requirements. New and emerging letting agents may not be clear on legislative requirements. This also applies some existing landlords and letting agents. We aim to support landlords and letting agents to raise the standard of management and property in Cornwall.

Both letting agents and landlords can sign up to the scheme.

Bitesize Guides

For more information please download the following Cornwall Responsible Landlord Scheme leaflets.

The benefits of joining

  • Know your responsibilities - protect yourself. Renting out a property is not always as straightforward as you may imagine.  As a landlord, you need to be aware of, and meet your legal obligations.
  • Be part of a professional network. We will share best practice and work together to improve the quality of the private rented sector in Cornwall.
  • Be recognised as a good landlord. Scheme members are able to show tenants that they are “doing the right thing”. You are making a declaration that you are a good landlord which helps you distance yourself from poor landlords and rogues.
  • Voluntary registration versus regulation. Cornwall has a higher percentage of non-decent private rented homes than the national average. The demand for private rented homes has increased in the last ten years.  Voluntary registration can be an effective method of working with the sector as opposed to enforcing against it.
  • Access training opportunities. Members will be able to access training opportunities provided by the scheme partners.

Support for your business

  • The scheme sets a minimum rental standard for the private rented sector.  When you join the scheme you confirm that your property meets the rental standard or will meet it within a reasonable timescale. Landlords and agents who fail to meet the standard will be removed from the scheme and may be subject to enforcement action.
  • The scheme and its logo is not an assurance of quality that a property has met the minimum standards.
  • Reviewing your property against the Rental Standard could save you time and money. The cost of enforcement can be high with each hazard attracting both a notice fee and potential fine.

Other incentives

  • The first time a Rental Standard outlining what rented accommodation should offer has been created for Cornwall.
  • Celebrate quality, safe and compliant private rented property.
  • Helps to raise the standard of poor private rented property
  • Cornwall Council and Landlord Associations are working together to provide this online resource
  • Recognises you as a professional landlord
  • Improved access to training and education
  • Details of any funding opportunities
  • Information on incentives, government schemes and other financial assistance
  • Encourage take up of good tenants, while reduces tenant turnover and evictions
  • Disputes with tenants and any problems that do occur can be resolved
  • Scheme members are able to distance themselves from rogue landlords/agents

Scheme Partners

The scheme is also supported by the Falmouth University accommodation office. 

We recommend that scheme members also join a reputable landlords' association.

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