Towards Zero Suicide

‘Towards Zero Suicide' began in the US with the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention creating the Zero Suicide (ZS) Model. Programmes in America have shown that suicide can be prevented. It's based on the belief that a systematic approach to care can prevent suicide deaths for people under care in health systems.

In Cornwall the ‘Towards Zero Suicide’ campaign began in 2016 and has run successfully since then.  We have continued with the annual Towards Zero events as a way to bring together a community of people who are working to reduce suicides in the county.

Why we aim for a zero target

The reason we're aiming for a zero target is because suicide is preventable, deaths by suicide are not inevitable deaths.

Towards Zero suicides is an ambition, a way of bringing together and engaging with our community to help to prevent suicide.

Zero suicides is an ambitious target. But as the World Health Organisation Director General said, ‘every single life lost to suicide is one too many’

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Towards Zero Event

Each year we hold an event to bring our community together to think about the ways in which we can support our ambition for zero suicides in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

The 2021 event was held online and topics included everything from farming and agriculture to social media and how you can get involved in Suicide Prevention.

Here are the videos from this year’s event:


Farming and Agriculture: What real life stories tell us about the emotional demands and needs of this profession.

Caring for someone: The impact on mental wellbeing of looking after someone who has suicidal thoughts and the support that is available for carers.

Social media and suicide: A closer look at the evidence to explore the impact of what we see online and in the media.

How can I get involved in Suicide Prevention? Exploring practical, safe ways that can help everyone to be part of suicide prevention.

‘Hope through action’: A panel session with local suicide prevention innovation fund projects supporting our communities.


'Hope Through Action': Anne Embury, Suicide Liaison Service Lead for Outlook South West, interviews Sophie Alway, founder of Georgia’s Voice, and hears her inspirational story


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