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Information for dads

Dads Together Groups

These are small, friendly activity groups for dad and 0-2 year olds. It is a chance to: 

  • play with your child/ren
  • meet with other dads
  • ask questions
  • get support and advice

Dates for 2024 include:

You can book a place by emailing

The DadPad

DadPad is the essential guide for new dads.  As a new dad you will feel excited, but you may also feel left out, unsure or overwhelmed. The DadPad can help by giving you the knowledge and practical skills that you need.  The resource will support you and your partner to give your baby the best possible start in life.

Visit DadPad

Becoming a dad

Parenting tips

Check our our Together for Families Facebook page to find out about our support groups for dads.

Support for parents with babies who have disabilities

Support for parents who have disabilities

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