Signs of safety

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We are implementing Signs of Safety in our work with children and their families. This is at the heart of our mission to improve our practice and outcomes for children in Cornwall.

Our mission is to
  • help
  • and protect
the most vulnerable children and young people living in Cornwall from
  • significant harm,
  • to support the educational inclusion of those children
  • and to close the gap in outcomes between them and their peers.
The focus of our work is on putting the child’s lived experience at the heart of;
  • assessments
  • and plans
so that their views and feelings
  • are understood,
  • taken into account
  • and represented
irrespective of;
  • the child’s age,
  • developmental stage
  • and method of communication
We have introduced Signs of Safety as our core, multi-agency approach to working with families. Managing risk where children are in need of help and protection.
Signs of Safety provides an evidence-based approach to;
  • assessment,
  • planning,
  • intervention
  • and review
that is based on a partnership with children and families. Where practitioners balance needs and risks with family strengths.

Signs of safety leaflet for parents

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