Gweres Kernow

What is Gweres Kernow?

Gweres Kernow is a small team of specialist social workers and consultant clinical psychologists. We work with other services to safeguard children who have displayed harmful sexual behaviours and those at risk of sexual abuse. We address the health and wellbeing of those children and young people with the aim of reducing offending and re-offending.

Gweres Kernow practitioners provide:

  • specialist risk assessments of children and their family, 
  • risk management advice, 
  • intervention work with children and young people
  • advice and consultation to professionals working with children and young people.

The service works with children and young people under 19, of all abilities.

We balance the management of risk to other children or adults with promoting the young person's own welfare and personal development.  This gives the young person the opportunity to move on.

We use the Greater Manchester Assessment Project (GMAP); Assessment, Intervention and Moving On (AIM2) model to assess risk of sexual harm. This also helps us identify the best form of intervention the young person needs.  We provide reports to inform:

  • Child plans
  • Court proceedings
  • Community safety
  • School inclusion
  • Placement stability

The Risk Management Plan identifies actions to reduce the risk of further harmful behaviours and to help the young person to stay out of trouble.  Plans are made in collaboration with the young person, their family, carers, schools and other professionals. Where relevant, the service advises Courts, the Youth Offending Service and Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA).

At the core of our harm reduction approach we assist the young person to:

  • Stay within their family
  • Stay living in Cornwall
  • Stay engaged in education or training
  • Stay out of trouble

Gweres Kernow practitioners provide focussed work with individual children and young people to help them understand, and take responsibility for their  harmful sexual behaviours.

We use systemic working and a cognitive behavioural approach, working individually with the child or young person.

Intervention aims to be at the least invasive level proportionate to the nature of the case and to the protection of the actual or potential victims.

We prioritise work with those who pose the greatest risk.

Advice and consultation is available to all professionals, carers and parents where a concern about a child or young person's behaviour is identified.

Where you believe that there is an actual or a risk of significant harm contact the Multi-Agency Referral Unit in the first instance on 0300 1231 116.

Or for advice and consultation contact Gweres Kernow on 01872 326791.

Your views are important to us.  If you have any comments, compliments or complaints about the service we provide please let us know by writing to the Complaints Manager.

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