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Professional Allegation Referral Guidance

  1. The Local Authority Designated Officer’s (LADO) primary function is to provide oversight of any investigation into an incident where an allegation of abuse or harm has been made against a professional or volunteer who has contact with children as part of their work or activities.

  2. It is your responsibility, as an employer or voluntary sector organisation to contact the LADO Service within one working day of an incident arising and prior to any further investigation taking place where it appears that an allegation or concerns about a person who works with children, has:

    1. Behaved in a way that has harmed a child or may have harmed a child
    2. Possibly committed a criminal offence against or related to a child
    3. Behaved towards a child or children in a way that indicates he or she may pose a risk of harm to children
    4. Behaved or may have behaved in a way that indicates they may not be suitable to work with children

  3. If you have any child protection concerns directly relating to the alleged child victim/s, please contact the Multi Agency Referral Unit on 0300 123 1116. If you have any concerns in relation to a vulnerable adult, please contact the Safeguarding Adults Access Team on 0300 1234 131.

  4. All referrals are submitted to the Multi Agency Referral Unit.  It is important that the Professional Allegation Referral Form is completed as fully as possible to ensure the LADO Service is able to effectively provide appropriate oversight of any investigation

  5. Information on the Professional Allegation Referral Form can be shared with other agencies as part of the process, unless this puts an individual at risk of harm or inhibits the investigation of the police or another agency.

  6. The referral form and information leaflets about the LADO Service and process for employers and employees can be found on the LADO page.



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