People with autism have said that their world can often seem like a mass of;

  • people
  • places
  • and events

which they struggle to make sense of, and which can cause them considerable anxiety.

Commons problems are;

  • communicating
  • interacting
  • understanding
  • relating to other people

and taking part in everyday family and social life may be harder for them.

Autistic Spectrum Conditions can mean a issues with:

  • social interaction
  • verbal and non verbal communication
  • repetitive behaviours or interests

Adults and children in particular can also experience sensory differences, and respond differently.

The autism spectrum includes;

  • Classic Autism, involving associated learning disabilities/difficulties and delay in language
  • Asperger’s
  • Deficits in Attention and Motor Perception (DAMP)
    DAMP also combines with Attention Deficit Hyperkinetic Disorder (ADHD)
  • Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)
  • people who do not meet specific criteria for autism or Asperger’s but show symptoms of both ADHD or DCD and are often diagnosed as having PDD.

The Autistic Spectrum

The word spectrum is used because, while all people with autism share three main areas of difficulty, their condition will affect them in very different ways.

Some are able to live everyday lives. Others will require a lifetime of specialist support at different times in their lives and may need crisis intervention from time to time.

It can be hard to create awareness of autism. Parents of children with autism often say that other people simply think their child is naughty while adults find that they are misunderstood.

Getting help after a diagnosis

If you are or you know someone who is an adult who has a severe learning disability and may have autism, and is under the care of Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, they are able to offer a diagnostic service. 

Adult Learning Disability ServiceIf you are or you know someone who is an adult who has a severe / enduring mental health need and may have autism, CFT offer a diagnostic service. 

Community Mental Health ServiceIf you are or know someone who is an adult who may have autism but does not have a learning disability or a mental health need, Outlook South offer a diagnostic service.

Outlook South West 


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