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Cornwall Carers Service

Do you care for a family member or friend?

  • anyone can be seen, recognised and supported as a carer
  • any carer can get specific help relevant to their individual caring role, and
  • be supported with a formal needs assessment and support plan

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Our carers service helps:

  • unpaid carers
  • people that provide some form of unpaid care for their relatives, friends or neighbours

This may include:

  • helping someone with their shopping
  • helping someone to do their laundry
  • taking someone to appointments
  • giving lifts to someone who is unable to travel because they cannot walk far, or may get confused and lost
  • reminding someone to take their medication
  • assisting someone to get dressed
  • reminding or helping someone to bathe
  • helping someone with their meals
  • helping someone with their communications
  • providing someone with physical support to move around

Cornwall Carers ServiceInformation and advice for carers

If you would like:

  • information and advice to support carers
  • to register as a carer

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