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Fire safety leaflets

The following range of fire safety leaflets are available to download.  If you have any difficulties viewing the leaflets, contact Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service and we will forward you a copy in the post.

Fire safety in the home

Many fires in the home are caused by a single moment of carelessness and could be easily prevented. It is important to be aware of possible fire hazards around the home and to take steps to protect you and your family from fire. This leaflet covers a huge range of fire safety information for your home.

Further leaflets in different languages on 'Fire Safety in the Home' can be found on the Fire Kills website: Firekills Leaflets - other languages

When we leave what do you do next?

You've had a fire in your home, but what do you do next…

This leaflet contains information on what to do after you have had a fire in your home and has been put together with the help of Richfords Fire and Flood - a damage management company, who have been based in Cornwall for over 25 years, and who work in close partnership with Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service to help members of the public recover from fires and other types of incidents.

Fire Safety for Gypsies and Travellers

This leaflet gives information on what to do if there's a fire, how important it is to fit smoke alarms in your home, and use heaters and electric safely. It helps you to think about indoor risks such as cigarettes, matches, and candles, and taking care when cooking.  The leaflet also covers the outdoor risks of fire and how to store gas safely.

Fire safety for Parents and Child Carers

This leaflet gives advice on how to reduce the risk to children in the kitchen, and the hidden dangers around the house, including matches, heaters and electric. It gives guidance on what what your children should know, and how to teach them to prevent fires and what to do if there is one by having an escape plan.

Fire Safety for people with sight, hearing or mobility difficulties

This leaflet has been developed for people with sight, hearing and mobility difficulties and those who care for them. It provides practical advice and tips that will help protect you from the risk of fire. The leaflet gives advice  and information on fitting smoke alarms to your home, and tips on the type of alarm you may need if you have hearing, sight or mobility difficulties. It also gives important information if you use oxygen and electric blankets. The leaflet covers what to do in the event of a fire and how to plan an escape route in your home. It also provides valuable support tailored to meet your needs and gives other contact details of organisations that will also be able to help with support.

Fire Safety when celebrating

Enjoy celebrations safely by following the simple tips in this leaflet.

It covers safety information when having a party and using fireworks, candles, fairy lights and other decorations.

Fire Safety for People in Rented Accommodation

People living in rented or shared accommodation are seven times more likely to have a fire. This leaflet has been put together for people in shared or rented homes who are at greater risk from fire. The leaflet covers information on landlords' obligations to keep your home safe from fire, and general safety tips of preventing fires in the home and how to make you plan of escape in the event of one.

The advice and tips provided in this leaflet supplement the main Fire safety in the home leaflet.

Winter Safety

In the UK on average, 12,000 chimney fires occur every year.

This leaflet will help you keep safe throughout the winter period as this can be a particularly risky time for fires due to the need to keep warm.  It gives advice and information on heating your home safely and what to do should the electricity fail. It also gives fire safety information for thatched buildings.

Fire Safety Outdoors

Did you know a fire can destroy a tent in less than 60 seconds? Fire safety doesn't stop when you leave the house. This leaflet will help to keep you safe whilst enjoying the outdoors.  It gives safety advice when visiting the countryside, and information when using barbecues.  It also covers useful information when camping or caravanning.

Christmas Fire Safety

Twelve simple tips on enjoying a safe and happy Christmas.

Paraffin Based Skin Products

Fire safety when using paraffin based skin products

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