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Bee Mindful in Wadebridge

About the Bee Mindful walk around  Wadebridge Community Fire Station

Distance: 14.9 miles / 22.7 km

View the Bee Mindful walk around Wadebridge

The link above shows the route of the walk.

The route is also fantastic to complete on your bicycle. 

You will need to be physically fit to complete it, as this is our toughest Bee Mindful Quest to date!

Parking is displayed on the map along with some other information and landmarks which can bee seen on the walk. 

We have started the directions from the car park adjacent to Wadebridge Community Fire Station, but you can start your walk from any point on the map.

We have marked out:

  • some recommended resting spots
  • the rough location of the Bee Mindful Quest container which contains the a log book and some treasure if you are lucky! 

The rules

If you find the treasure box, we just ask that you don’t move the container and report any problems with it by emailing us at 

To help locate the treasure box, we have provided a link to a hint on this page to help you find it.

Select the button below for a helpful hint on its location:

Everyone is welcome to take something from the box but please also leave something of equal or greater value for others to find.  Don't forget to record your visit in the log book!

If you would like to get in touch with us about any of our walks, please email us at: 

Share your walk with us

Let us know how you got on and share a photo of your walk, by visiting our Facebook group at:

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