How to apply for a council farm

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Where we advertise

We publish details of Council Farms to let on this page. We also advertise our farms in the Wednesday edition of the Western Morning News. You should find these in the Farming section. If you have registered on our mailing list we will write to let you know that a farm is being advertised.

We re-let between three to seven farms each year. Most Council Farms are re-let in September or March. However, they can become available at any time throughout the year. We recommend you check this page regularly.

Holdings to Let

Nothing currently being advertised.  

How to apply

Before making your application for a county farm you should read the particulars and attend a view day. 

  • Submit a tender, your CV and business plan. (Business plans should include an outline of the proposed business and budgets. This is to demonstrate it's viability and an indication of future development.)
  • The Tenant Selection Panel and Land Agents study all tenders received. From these a shortlist of applicants is selected.
  • The Land Agent visits prospective tenants to inspect existing holdings.
  • Financial and personal reference are taken up. 
  • Interviews are undertaken by the members of the Tenant Selection Panel and the Land Agents.

Applications are considered giving weight to the following criteria: 

  • Experience and qualifications - 25%
  • Financial strength – 25%
  • Environmental awareness – 25%
  • Rent tendered – 10%
  • Entrepreneurial ability – 15%

When the successful applicant has been selected, the farm will be offered for a fixed amount of time. The amount of time is dependent on the farm classification: 

  • Part time starter units - 10 years
  • Full time starter units - 12 years
  • Promotional holdings - a maximum of 20 years

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