Council Farms selection criteria

This section lets you know what is needed to apply for a Council Farm.

General guidelines for applicants

We advise applicants to take appropriate advice from your bank manager, agricultural valuer and accountant. You are taking a big step and professional advice is invaluable.

At the viewing day lease make yourself known to the land agency staff.

Take care in completing the application form and the submission of additional information. Please submit clear, concise and relevant information. Make sure you submit your tender by the closing date.

Selection criteria for prospective tenants


Each prospective tenant should have more than five years experience engaged in full time practical farm work. Three years of any relevant full time course in agriculture at university, college or other further education establishment, can be included within this experience.

Preference may be given to applicants who have immediate past experiences in a form of agriculture to be practised on the holding.


Prospective tenants are expected to provide evidence of sufficient working capital to run the holding. If necessary they will need to show that they have made provisional arrangements to make up any shortfall (e.g. source of borrowing).

Whilst due regard will be had for the level of rental offers submitted, the Council reserves the right not to accept the highest offer or any offer made.

Prospective tenants are advised to make provisions for a private pension scheme and a retirement home.

No application can be considered from a person who has an outstanding court order or debt registered against them.

Training and career progression

Preference may be given to applicants who are able to show some evidence of some formal agricultural training.

Prospective tenants should confirm their ambition of progression from the Council Farms system. To farm in the private sector, i.e. occupation of the holding for the fixed term offer is understood and accepted.



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