Common Land and Town and Village Greens

Cornwall Council is the registration authority for common land and town and village greens in Cornwall.

Before 1 October 2008 we worked under legislation brought about by the Commons Registration Act 1965. Under this legislation there is approximately 25,000 acres of common land in about 300 register units. This equates to 3% of the land in Cornwall, equalling the 3% of land in England registered as common land.

From 1 October 2008 a variety of new measures became available.  These were largely for making applications to amend the commons and greens registers under Part 1 of the Commons Act 2006. In most cases a fee will be payable. 

Commons and Village Green application representations Privacy Notice

Common land in Cornwall

Notices of Applications and Proposals concerning Common Land in Cornwall

Further information

  • Defra (please note this is a different web site address from the town and village greens web link)
  • Open Spaces Society 

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