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Reduce waste

Reducing the amount we throw away is crucial to environmental growth, so always remember the 4 R’s; Refuse, Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.

Each Cornish resident throws away 576 kg of waste every year - that’s 24 double sized mattresses per person!

Reducing waste means we:

  • use less natural resources and energy
  • generate less pollution during production and disposal
  • stop valuable resources being incinerated
  • It’s better for wildlife and saves money!

Here are some ways you can help

Compost kitchen waste

Get started with a compost bin or Green Johanna or, better still, make an open sided compost heap at home or at work.

Avoid single use plastic items

Refuse single use plastic items such as bottles, cups, cutlery and bags. Fill up a water bottle, bring a bag, and carry a cup instead. Use re-usable menstrual cups instead of plastic based sanitary products.

Choose pre-loved

From clothes to furniture products, it's cheaper buying second hand - and better for the environment too.

Preloved website


Pick up and recycle litter left by others, always recycle as much as possible.

Use recycled and reusable products from loo roll to batteries, always use recycled or rechargeable products.


Repair not reject!

From electrical equipment to clothing, instead of throwing away damaged items, repair them for a second lease of life. Unable to fix it? Try donating to local charity and upcycling shops who can. You can also join one of the many Repair Cafes in Cornwall.

Never release balloons or sky lanterns

Celebrate or commemorate in ways that don’t harm wildlife by planting a tree or releasing bubbles.

Dont let go - the problem with balloons and sky lanterns

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