Construction sites

Construction sites are often near existing residential accommodation. Residents will usually accept construction site noise. Some residents may complain if the work:

  • starts early
  • finishes late
  • takes place on Saturday afternoon, Sundays or Bank Holidays.

Environmental Protection officers can investigate complaints about construction site noise.

If you are bothered by construction noise please contact us.

Builders and contractors

Builders and contractors may need to apply in advance for consent to carry out construction works. 

Please read our guidance about Noise and Dust Control on Construction and Demolition Sites before starting works.

Planning Consultation

The Environmental Protection service is often consulted about planning applications. Our aim is to promote a safe, clean and healthy environment for residents and businesses.

Where a development involves previously contaminated land, we will ask for a condition requiring a survey of the land.  The survey results will help us determine whether remedial work is necessary. This will help protect the new occupiers before development can go ahead.

Large developments might impact on local air quality. Such developments will need to carry out a study to identify the impact on air quality. If  negative effect is identified the developer must propose solutions to minimise pollution.

There are a wide range of standard conditions covering:

  • noise
  • vibration
  • odour,
  • dust,
  • smoke
  • and light pollution. 

These conditions cover environmental impacts both during construction and from the finished development. 

Where there is not an appropriate standard condition a specific condition will be written for that particular situation.

The Planning Committee may not always approve comments and conditions suggested by Environmental Protection.

If you have any specific objections or comments about a planning application you should make direct representations to the Planning Department.

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